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2box module Vs VST?

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  • 2box module Vs VST?

    I am new but already feel like I outgrew my TD1 so I got a TD4 module now I am using real mini hi hats with my TD4 and am about to give up on edrums for a real kit with low volume heads and cymbals. I know I may not always beable to be that loud though. 2box is the only module I have heard that blows me away but it's pricey for me. I know VST will be cheaper but I am a keep it simple type and am intimidated by having to hook all the stuff up and always have a lap top near by and all.

    So the main questions is can I get better sounds cheaper by using my TD4 and VST then a 2box module or should I start saving?

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    Well, do you already have a laptop or PC available? It would be undoubtedly cheaper to try VST, as you have nothing to lose, with a cable and a demo of EZD2.

    It is certainly "the dilemma" facing many drummers though; with great sounding e-drums and great sounding a-drums being separated by a huge price difference, many of us simply haven't the budget to get both. At some point, one has to make the decision to "go all in" in one direction or the other - when you consider the touring ekit needs a PA support as well as the kit itself.

    That's why most ekits are still only considered practice tools... until you come to forums like these, and see the ekits that break out of the stigma, but at a cost and consequence, they end up running a bill that could cover both the purchase of a basic acoustic kit and "toy-like" practice e-kits that fit both needs as required. Indeed, the cost of the 2-in-1 ekit is at least the cost of both paths combined, and then some!
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      The VST will always be better than any module. Give that a try. If you can play a full volume acoustic kit you should get one as well.You can never learn full drum technique on an Ekit only. There are many very cheap used acoustic kits that sound good.


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        At the moment I can play semi loud. Using splash cymbqls as crashs till I got a hi hat stand now I have 10" mini hats. I may have to move soon and will be back in an aprtment. One thing that makes it tougher is no laptop just a tablet. So either way I need to invest and figure out my direction so I can go all in. Im taking lessons now and just feel so much restiction with the TD4 where a few weeks ago it was a god send compared to the TD1. Im7 on disability so don't have alot to spend so I need to figure my options. Of course if I had my way I would take a cheaper real kit over any edrum just for the feel alone.

        Actually feel is the wrong word. I don't mind the pads it's the dynamics


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          Definitely gel with you on the point about dynamics. Even though I have been using my perfectly calibrated VH-11 on Tama stand + Megadrum + SD2 + transmuting, no machine-gunning etc. Arguably the best virtual hi-hat experience you can possibly get with electronic drums... yet it's still doesn't match acoustic hi-hats, it just cannot. It's not feel - no - I could attach piezos to bronze cymbals and still get the same result, it's something else.

          Dynamics definitely work better on mesh heads, so all is not lost! But yes the greatest shortfall will always be the hi-hat. In fact, when I think about it... most of the expression I've been doing is just different variations of barking. Stuff like doubles and triplets with short crescendos on a-hats... it's just lost when I'm on the e-kit... I don't know why, I'm not altering my hand pattern at all. Maybe it is written in the midi, but out of my monitor... its not distinct, not by ear like it is on real acoustic hats. Like in the way; I know that's me playing that! Intentionally, and it's not some algorithm.

          On the other hand, using the splashs as crash cymbals, that describes exactly where I end up on acoustics lol - playing like a zombie, having most of the percussion section red taped, is not fun either.
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          ◾ Roland UA-1010 / cymbals / KT-10 (x2) ◾ Tama / Gibraltar hardware ◾ JBL LSR3 Series 2.1 Monitoring ◾ Pearl THMP-1
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            Why not wait for the 2box drumit 3 to come out? Great sounds out of the box and less expensive than drumit5, with no VST necessary. Should be out soon and sounds same as drumit5 apparently.

            I'm with you on not wanting to use a laptop or computer to get good sounds. No reason why a good module can't give you good sounds.

            Lastly, if you can find or put together a "quiet" acoustic kit, let me know. I thought about that too, but mesh head silent stroke heads and low volume cymbals may be good dynamically, but not musically.
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              Didn't know there was a cheaper 2box module comming. Goes to look it up.......


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                Yeah not much available on the Internet about it. Only a couple of YouTube videos.
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                  Yeah I quickly noticed that!


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                    See page 8 here
                    . digitalDrummer
                    Review index


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                      Originally posted by allanjohn
                      See page 8 here

                      Hi Allan - page 8 where?
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                        Yeah - where?
                        Owner of TD11K. Pearl P900 bass pedal. Vater Sugar Maple Super Jazz sticks.


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                          "So the main questions is can I get better sounds cheaper by using my TD4 and VST then a 2box module or should I start saving? "

                          Not sure this is the right question. What I mean is, THERE IS NO SOUND DIFFERENCE between VST and 2Box because the 2Box IS PLAYING VSTs! Now, there might be some slight nuances between how you set up the layering in your PC vs the 2Box, but, theoretically, you'd be using the same VST package for either route so the SOUND should be the same. Triggering and latency and all that other stuff is another topic.

                          As for money, a cheap laptop and a cheap VST package is gonna be cheaper than a 2Box, AND, creating layers/loading onto a 2Box is not quite rocket science, but its not simple plug and play either. If you can handle VSTs on a PC then you should be able to handle a 2Box as well.

                          My opinion, you need to decide WHAT you are using this kit for, it will help narrow down your long term use. If you're gigging or setting up and tearing down all over the place, then I'd go with a 2Box for reliability and ease of actually use during playing/set up. Cardinal rule, a stand alone hardware box is more reliable than a PC system running VSTs on stage/gigging/rougher use like setting up and tearing down a lot.

                          If you're just noodling at home and never plan to gig or move the kit or any other stuff then the cheaper PC VST route might be the way to go.

                          Just my 2 cents. No one else seemed to be covering this part of your question!

                          K ;-)
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                            Kenster your answer raises more question and is also about to make me toss it all for an A Kit! I did not know the 2box would require much tweaking. At least not more then my Roland which is to say just getting it to taste. Trigger issues, latency and all are issues I was hoping to avoid. To be honest I don't need a ton of sounds except dffrent cymbals. I have 2 kits set on my TD4. One for rock all purpose and one for jazz.onlt the snare and cymbals are diffrent.

                            As for where I will use it, only time will tell. I would like to get out and play with others.
                            I really wish a local store would get low volume cymbals and pads in to see how musical they are. I have played Gen 16 cymbals aacoustically and the ride is great but the hats and crash are meh.


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                              Just to rant and not start a new thread. I have been a guitar player since 1993 and only started messing with drum a few years ago and am only taking it seriously now. Drums seem to face the same issue as us guitarist. 99% of the money comes from guys like me that will neve need a 100 watt half stack cause only a hand full of players can play places they are needed anyway. Yet all r&d goes to the biggest loudest products. Only now are guitarist finally getting low watt amps with full features. Only now are drummers getting low volume cymbals and heads! They should have done it years ago and should have it perfected! Low volume stuff, half volume all kinds!

                              When I asked the salesmen at GC about the low volume cymbals he said we might get them in spring IF they don't get discontinued! Insane!