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BFD eco/ td-11k /reaper

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  • BFD eco/ td-11k /reaper

    total clueless idiot here. running reaper on a mac, want to use BFD sounds with td-11k running the show. TD-11k not showing up in midi devices (connected a usb cable to the mac directly,do i need an interface for this?) plus many more questions... any and all help and insults are greatly appreciated! thanks guys.

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      You need to install the Roland usb driver.


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        Not sure if it matters but I was running BFDeco on my TD-11 as a "standalone" app (i.e., no DAW required).


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          cool, thanks for the replies! i will track down the roland usb drivers.

          esskaykay- tell me more about how you did that!


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              cool, thanks for explaining. i dl'd the roland usb driver and got the MIDI settings all tuned in. now i am able to use BFDeco with garageband or reaper with no latency issues. after all that i have to say i am disappointed with the bfdeco drum sounds....even with a bit of tweaking the standard rock kit on the roland has a much better snare sound with more presence although the orange snare is ok,and also the hi hat( i had to remap the keys too) triggers arent what they should be using bfdeco as the source. the response is wooden and almost too slow plus the annoying task of remapping all the side hits,bells,and crashes.thank you all for the help!


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                There should be some Roland presets in the midi page of eco. Is there EQ and compression? I have BFD3 and it definitely sounds a lot more real than a TD30 ,never mind a td4. You may have to adjust the mic settings and add Eq plus compression. Also try the Platinum samples eco kit : http://www.platinumsamples.com/EcoKits/EvilEcoKit1.php
                This will not need any EQ or compression and will sound very powerful. I have used this instead of more expensive libraries on mixes. It will be well worth the $50 .