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New EZX Post-Rock for EZ Drummer 2

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  • New EZX Post-Rock for EZ Drummer 2

    Well, another one hits the shelves... I am not sure about this one - as with the Hip Hop EZX I think it's very processed. It does sound nice, but probably this is really for a small category of music styles.
    �Dramatic. A force of nature. Unpredictable and almost cinematic.� When asked how to put words to the term post-rock, these were the first that came to mind for Birgir J�n Birgisson and Arnar G�slason, engineer and drummer behind the EZX with the same name. And there is likely no better ...
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    Can't say I'm a fan of dark taped kits either. I must say though, I'm really appreciating EZ Drummer 2 and it's simplicity next to Superior Drummer.

    It seems like a illogical choice when EZX kits also work with SD2, but the configuration of EZ drummer makes it play so much nicer with modules. Just start and play, no host, no mapping as it's all fixed, switching kits on the fly, etc. I do miss positional sensing snares though. If they could just add that back please Toontrack!

    My top VST kit would still be BFD Jazz & Funk at this time, just for the toms.
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      Originally posted by Kabonfaiba
      no mapping as it's all fixed
      That's a no-no for everyone else who doesn't own a Roland module, or likes to tinker with pads placement.
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        I don't think that's a no-no. EZ Drummer is not intended for e-drumming, but for producing. Plus, you can, of course, change the mapping if you run EZ Drummer within a DAW.
        TD-11 with 1xPDX 100 and 2x 12" drum-tec Diabolo pads, VH-11, CY 15R, CY-8 + various VSTi's.