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Playback problems Superior Drummer and Roland TD-20

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  • Playback problems Superior Drummer and Roland TD-20

    Hello all,

    First, I'm sure this problem has come up before, but I haven't been able to find a solution here or on other forums. Probably because I'm new to all this MIDI stuff and that I don't know where to look for because I lack the proper jargon.

    However, my problem is as follows: SD does not play all the notes I play on my drum kit. For example, if I play straight 16th double bass, every now and then it will not play a single 16th bassdrum note. While this makes for interesting rythms, It's not wat I want of course. It's not that it's delayed or anything; it just does not play, no matter whether I play at 100 BPM or 180 BPM.

    SD and Toontrack are fully updated. I play a Roland TD-20, MIDI connection via USB. My MacBook Pro is Mid 2010, 2,66Ghz, 4GB RAM.

    Thanks for all the help!

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    4G of ram is pretty small these days. More memory means faster everything.

    I would up the memory to at least 8 G.

    Other problems could come from retrig settings ( or whatever they are called on the td30), crosstalk, bad MIDI to USB cable, etc...
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      Open up a midi editor and see if the note actually reached the PC. You need to know this before looking at SD2. What DAW/Sequencer are you using?
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