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BFD3 less than 1/2 price right now

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  • BFD3 less than 1/2 price right now

    I believe it expires in March. Fxpansion BFD3 is 1/2 price right now. And if you are registered at some of the on line retailers it is discounted further. For example: Under $150 at JRR Shop. Just thought I would mention this in case anyone was considering BFD3 ... the price is great. If you already own BFD2 the upgrade to BFD3 is a little cheaper, under $130 at the above mentioned seller. J
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    It's no surprise the BFD3 discount coincides with expected release of NFUZD's Inspire kits next week (if the arrival timer isn't reset again).


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      If this deal happened three weeks ago I most likely would've gone with BFD3 instead of SD2. I got SD2 for a little more than half price. I had narrowed my choice to these two and my final decision came down to price when I got a great deal on SD. Im very new to these and I could be wrong, but it seems like you never have to pay even close to full price for VSTs or expansion packs tho.
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        There are always deals on VST's especially around the holidays or a new release, Thats when I like to buy mine. Make sure to get on all their email lists to so you are kept in the loop of deals when they come out.
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          If I had a computer that could support BFD3 I might consider it. Unfortunately, I run a 32 bit operating system and only 4GB of RAM.
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