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V-drums and hi-hats over MIDI

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  • V-drums and hi-hats over MIDI

    Hi all,

    V-Drums pro TD-10 (but just for MIDI, I'm not using the brains sounds)
    Sonar Platinum
    Addictive Drums (but probably others later)

    Question: I've done the drum mapping and mostly have the instruments like I want them, but the hi-hat functionality is funky. Specifically, there are various sounds for hi-hat open and closed in the VST Plug-in, but I'm looking for that sweep between, the sound you get when you hit it closed and open it up (or hit it just as you start to open up) with the sound gradually changing.

    Is that just the pitfall of driving plug-ins? Because the TD-10 itself does it well, and those are ROM samples, right?

    I'm guessing that it's in the MIDI CC codes, and I know where to find those pages in the manuals and can see them in the Event view when I record MIDI, I'm just am not sure how to drive the ADrums to get this same sound. Can I get a leg up?

    Thanks, Chris

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    Yes, CC4:

    [Solved] How Do I question - Addictive Drums / Roland TD-12 - get CC4 HiHat pedal in X3?



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      AD doesn't have the transmutation function that Superior Drummer has.

      Once you hit the HH, that's the sound you get, until you hit it again.

      And with AD, I found that I had to change my foot timing, as it would need to be a moment ahead, or I wouldn't get the sound I wanted. I could never get used to it, so, even if I use AD for some stuff, I use SD for the HH.
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