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Roland triggering Steven Slate - latency NIL!

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  • Roland triggering Steven Slate - latency NIL!

    Hi All - Just thought I'd share a quick tip. I've been trying to work around the latency issue triggering Steven Slate Ex from a TD11 module. I'd been using the midi output and getting bad lag. Someone advised me to use the rear Computer USB on the TD11 to the USB 3.0 on my MacBook Pro and voila - no latency. No Audio Interface either. I am using the MacBook Pro Retina. Just thought it might help someone with latency...

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    Well, to be true, there is latency, it's just that you don't really sense it.

    Glad you sorted it out on your part and happy drumming!
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      using the MacBook Pro Retina... might help someone with latency...
      fixed j/k

      I certainly hope you don't have to use an audio interface with a MacBook Pro, they already cost a small fortune.

      Welcome to the forums btw!
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        Welcome to the Forums????!!! How about a little intro with pics? These tech tips are great but should go in the tech suggestions threads where they will help everyone...very few folks come in the Foyer other than to welcome folks here.

        Have fun!

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          I use an audio interface (Saffire Pro 14) with my Macbook pro and a TD-30 but that's cause I prefer the Firewire to Thunderbolt option and the audio outs from the audio interface goes into the mixer and then to the PA's. When I used the usb route, there still is latency not much but enough to notice it and I don't notice it using the Firewire to Thunderbolt option.
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            Lokking to give the Steve Slate software a try. I've got a Mac and looking for some guidance to what to buy from the slate web site and how to setup my Roland Module (am assuming USB) and map the kit channels to the SSD drum kits ? Any tutorials available on this ? Also Is there a problem when mapping my Digital snare and digital Hurry home safely! with SDD ?