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Steven Slate drums Blackbird expansion

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  • Steven Slate drums Blackbird expansion

    I just got the Steven Slate drums Blackbird expansion and it is amazing. It has the best kick and toms I have used. The snares are nice and this is very different from the other Slate libraries. It can be more sensitive and mellow but also still be fat and punchy. This was exciting news in the audio engineering community because Blackbird is a very amazing studio with an unbelievable collection of vintage mics and preamps. There are 3 different rooms that they used for big sounds and tight sounds. I hope to see more of this new direction for Slate in the future.

    I also have the Chris Lord Alge expansion and that is great for rock mixes. I use the trigger version with my acoustic drum tracks.

    Here is the Blackbird link: http://www.stevenslatedrums.com/blackbird.php


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    Agree with you Peter, great sounds and near perfect playability on both a TD9 and TD20 here for this Blackbird expansion - lovely dynamics too, a great VST!


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      That is good news! Steven actually replied to an email from me about E drum playability. It seems like it is a big focus there and he plays drums himself! I think SSD5 is going to have some new sounds so it will be interesting to see how it plays.