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Laptop advice for running Superior Drummer

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  • Laptop advice for running Superior Drummer

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the site. Just wondered if you can give me some advice on running Superior Drummer. Basically I have a Roland TD30KV and want to trigger Superior Drummer, but I do not want to break the bank buying an expensive MacBook Pro etc as I will only be using it to run drum software. Can anyone recommend a make/model and exact spec that will give me low latency and great performance please? Also, do you recommend an audio interface with the TD30 or just use a USB/midi cable? Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks.

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    I have a MBP from 2008 and it is still good enough for playing SD.

    Any old PC will also do the trick coupled to an audio interface, although the TD30 is also an interface, which saves you some money (but at the price of a td30, I don't think we can really say "savings").

    Check out the VST part of the forum for all the info you'll ever need on the subject.
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      With how complex most VST's are these days I would look for somthing thats i5 or higher, both Windows 7 and 8 work fine with no issues and memory is very cheap to add down the road if you need it. Also most VST's want a 7200 rpm hard drive to perform at their best. As Perceval has said, your TD-30 is your audio interface.

      I would keep those 2 things at the top of you priority list when looking and try searching here http://www.techbargains.com/ for the lowest price computer/laptop.
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        When it comes to Superior it is the RAM that counts. You need about 4GB, and more don't hurt.
        Any modern 64 bit dual core laptop CPU should do but stay off notebook stuff like the atom and whatever
        AMD offers for notebooks. There should be plenty of choices around $300-$400, if
        cheap is what your looking for. Just make sure you have the connections you need for
        both installation and operation.