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TD11 misfiring a little on DAW through midi. Which settings?

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  • TD11 misfiring a little on DAW through midi. Which settings?

    I have a TD11 running through the midi of a presonus firepod into Studio One 2. The drum software I'm using is BFD3. Everything seems to register as it should. However, sometimes I get both open and closed high hat over lapping. Like two notes on top of each other on the midi track. Also, it doesn't seem to be registering the bell or edge of the cymbals. I'm just using default settings on the brain. BFD seems to have auto mapped it ok.
    Do these things need to be address in the drum software? Or in the midi settings of the brain?

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    I think I might be having the same issue you are. I have the TD-9 but also running Studio One as my DAW and SSD4 as my drum software. I am experiencing a double bass hit or similar to the respective pad im playing when two pads are played at the same time. Example: hitting the kick and the hi hat at the same time produced a double bass hit. Are you having the same issue? I've reached out to Roland and they suggested the Local Control being turned off (which mine already was) and also to make sure the TD-9 (or other series) master volume is all the way down. I haven't tried this since what I play is a church kit but I cant really see how the TD module's volume would have anything to do with double or overlapping notes when the sounds are coming from the DAW.

    Their suggestion past the Local Control and volume was a software issue but I tried Kontact drums and Steven Slate and both has the same issue so im thinking its def a triggering thing.

    Also to touch on your issue, I had to remap mine. The standard kit loaded the kick, snare, crash, ride, and one tom but the other two toms werent working. It sounds like you would need to remap the edge in addition to the kit you loaded and its done on the TD module (may help to reference the map within DAW to determine where its saved on the keyboard so you know where to scroll on the TD module.) . In your Setup > triggering menu, it will have a little small keyboard that shows you where the notes would be located if you were on a keyboard. You can use the arrows and scroll on the TD module to change each pad to the respective sound you want.

    The other thing may be having two different sounds on one key and in that case, you would have to adjust that in your map within DAW first, then use the TD module to change the sounds.

    Hope this helps!