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  • DrumGizmo

    I stumbled upon this and wanted to let you guys know about it. Drumgizmo is a linux (and windows based) VST that is free and looking to make the functionality of VSTs like addictive drums to open source. It features as many velocity layers as you like and has a development program for making kits. I have compiled it and I'm using it with Ardour in KXStudio linux. It's still very much in the development state, but is an exciting new and free option that can really become an open source option with a little time and community help.
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    Never heard of them. Looks very promising. Thanks for posting. Gonna put it on our drum samples list
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      Gave it a try with my antique WinXP computer which has a 7200rpm HDD, and this plugin is quite a hog.
      I was only able to load the DSRKit2 Minimal Kit, which took quite a while to load. My computer just can't handle playing rolls on it. Unable to adjust ASIO4ALL for acceptable results.
      When trying to load the other kits, I got a crash message - Virtual C+++ Runtime library closing in unusual way...

      Wondering if anyone tried this in a decently powered computer running Win7 or above, especially with SSD.
      I'd like to know if load time is acceptable, and do cymbal swells, and snare and tom rolls, sound natural (i.e., no machine gunning)?


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        I'm curious too. I have a low powered computer that I ran it on, so i wasn't able to get good responses. I'll see if I can clue the developer into this site and perhaps he can provide some insight into future development.