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Need to trigger more instruments than what barebones EZDrummer 2 provides for

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  • Need to trigger more instruments than what barebones EZDrummer 2 provides for

    Hi everyone,

    just purchased a copy of EZ Drummer 2 to go along with my as-of-yet unfinished custom e-kit build. As my kit isn't finished (mainly still missing the drum triggers) I have not connected it via midi to the VST, so perhaps my question would have been answered had I done so.

    In any case, what I am noticing now is that the two libraries that ship with EZ Drummer 2 (Modern & Vintage) do not provide enough instruments to correctly reflect what is on my ekit. What I mean by that is, on my ekit, I have 6 cymbals (2 crashes, 2 splashes, 2 chinas) + HH & Ride. However, in the VST I am only given the possibility of 4 cymbals + HH & Ride.

    I had a browse through the EZX product pages online, and from what I can see, there are a few of the drumkit images from those expansions that would provide more inputs (for instance, the Claustrophobic EZX). Am I correct in assuming that I would therefore need to purchase one of those expansions in order to utilize my full ekit?

    And suppose I prefer the sounds and presets found in the default Modern library. I know I can assign sounds spanning different libraries to my kit, but if I am "living" in the Claustrophobic EZX, would I lose anything in terms of presets or anything else available to me were I living in the default Modern library?

    Hope that's clear!

    Thanks for the help!

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    You can open 2 instances of VSTs (EZDrummer or others) in your DAW. Although MIDI notes are set and you can't make EZDrummer "learn" your setup, there are ways in your DAW to handle the MIDI notes to send the right ones to EZDrummer.
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      hmm yeah didn't think of that, although I would be using EZDrummer 2 in stand-alone mode most of the time (don't have a super computer)