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.WAV samples for TM2

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  • .WAV samples for TM2

    Just grabbed a Roland TM-2 to play with. I'll be triggering my kick and plying with an extra pad on my A-kit

    Now the question is does anyone on this forum have a good library of WAV files they want to share? I have a 32GB card so don't be shy :P

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    Is that single Kick samples you're wanting, or does the TM-2 support some velocity layers?
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      Go on the 2box website, grab some of their stock kits and use DSoundTool to separate the DSND files into .wav layers.
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        Thanks SO much. now i just need to find out HOW to do that. lol

        also.. layered drums will be amazing for playing hybrid and just having fun / playing solo with my punk band

        finding a single kick wave will be perfect for my metal band hahahah full velocity, one note

        TM-2 supports velocity, you can even layer samples.. add effects to the wave files, change the pitch of them on the module without actually touching the sample.

        so, what I'm thinking, is if Roland does this for their small hybrid 2 input sets.. the big boys may get this soon too