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BFD2 Bleed Signals in Toms & Hihats

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  • BFD2 Bleed Signals in Toms & Hihats

    Good day,

    A friend of mine is interested in purchasing my BFD2 and has ONE MAJOR PREREQUISITE before we make a deal. I can't for the life of me figure out how to answer/deliver on his ONE MAJOR PREREQUISITE. Having said that, here goes;

    He NEEDS the multi-tracked drums to look like they were truly recorded as an acoustic instrument in a traditional studio setup when he sends his tracks to a mix engineer. He's already seen my tracks from BFD2, and is familiar with how they look and how they sound when I solo each track in my DAW.

    Here's where we really get into the Nitty Gritty of his request, the toms have no mic bleed whatsoever in BFD2 from what I've seen. There's mic bleed in the kick mics, and on the snare mics, but there's no "natural" bleed in the toms as you would have in a traditional studio setup. There's also no "natural" mic bleed in the hi hat channel as well. Typically, you'll at least hear some of the kit in the hi hat mic.

    His BOTTOM LINE is that he doesn't want the mix engineer and his staff to know that they're BFD2 recorded drums. Additionally, he feels that since the hi hat mic, and the tom mics doesn't have any "natural" bleed in them, that would make a seasoned mix engineer weary that the drums are sampled, triggered, or a product of a drum replacement Plug-In such as Drumamgog, Slate Digital Trigger, etc.

    What he's requesting has never been an issue for me since I do my own mixing and no one outside my inner circle sees my multi-tracks. This was NEVER an issue for me in BFD2, but I completely understand where he's coming from. He wants to gain the respect of those guys without sacrificing on the "Authenticity" of his Multi-Track drums when he sends them off to be mixed.

    I hope I've explained it correctly, and I wish I had the definitive answer for him, but I don't. I've tried...Kick Bleed & Snare Bleed is "ON" when I select the Hi Hats & the toms, but still I get no kind of bleed/spill in those channels.

    Thank you for your time in reading this, and thank you for the forthcoming responses...All The Best