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New to VST's... Help with SD2.0 Please!

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  • New to VST's... Help with SD2.0 Please!

    Ok, so I'm trying to get to Superiors sound libraries so that I can tweak them and load them into my 2Box. I downloaded SD (all 5 discs) and then find out it's not a stand alone product!! That's ok, I have Ableton Live 8 so it shouldn't be a problem. It's a problem. Ableton isn't seeing SD and I'm not sure where to direct it. I found online that I should be directing it to a .dll file in a VST folder. Well, I downloaded the 64 bit version and there isn't a VST folder there. Looks like all the rest of the download went there as far as I can tell. So there's a VST folder in my 32 bit side and it has a .dll file in it. I directed Ableton to go there for the plugin but it doesn't do anything. What am I doing wrong?? I paid $180 for software that I can't even open!!

    Should I just load the 32 bit version? Is there a big difference between the two (especially since I just want to use the sounds for my 2Box)? Sorry, this is all pretty new to me.

    Any ideas?



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    Doesn't SD come with a standalone Toontrack Solo to load the SD VST? I don't use Ableton or anything, just Solo. I think its free to download if you don't have it for some odd reason.

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      Yeah, I got it figured out. Toontrack Solo is available for free on the Superior website but doesn't come with Superior. I also bought the SDSE software from the guy on the 2Box forum along with Reaper and everything is working like a charm, now. Thanks anyway!