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Problem with copying

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  • Problem with copying

    I bought the STRIKE TD-30th On the set br51 I like drum which is located on the crash 2. I copy it to a snare pad, but it does not work the same as the crash 2 pad.The shades are concerned but you can hear the difference. Why? What should be done to be absolutely the same sound?

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    You'll want to write Chris through our website. He will check the pad settings, compare them to your setup, and figure out how to remedy the issue. Click my website below, and look for Chris's email link on the support page.
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      Maybe anyone else knows a solution?


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        Problem solved. You must manually configure all the parameters: trigerrering, sensitivity, treshold, cruve, eq, comp ..... Edit ... MFX, ambience !


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          Another important note! Turn off the MFX isolator effect. It can also place a delay, reverb. He gave me sound wrong. Turn it off and everything else set to master EQ! For me that works the best! Hello !