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  • TD30KV Help

    Hi I'm totally new to v drums but have dived in with both feet and bought a TD30 Pro. I was just hoping for some help and tips for recording (software, how to connect etc) and if you can load in kits or samples? Thanks Ste

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    Have you read your manual yet? All the answers to your questions are available in it. In short, you have several options for recording; including basic L/R outputs, S/PDIF output, and more. The module is not capable of loading samples, but you can load in kits from backups and V Expressions expansions. You also have room for up to 100 kits at a time, and have access to all the kits from the 20, 20X and 30 in your module' backup memory.
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      I Have reviewed the manual in various places that Im guessing I should read to find out how I can create my own kit. I assume it maybe easiest to copy an existing roland stock kit into one of the user positions and then try to figure out how modify a or some of the drums. Maybe its easier to copy certain drums from a variety of stock kits to create one custom kit. I would imagine once I learn how to create 1 custom kit, things may make more sense moving forward. Directing me to the page, may help if I have been reading the wrong parts of the manual, but my guess is I already read the page and I cant understand how to follow the steps.

      I had to call roland to inquire whether I could play my iPhone thru the brain while I play and they confirmed and emailed me the steps on pairing my wifi, download the app to my iPhone and then connect the app to the brain. only took me an hour to master that one.

      I would greatly appreciate any help anyone is willing to offer in as remedial step fashion as possible for a 50 yr old dude. thnx much


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        When I read through manuals I have a pad of small Post-it Notes and a pen, if I need to write jot down a work or two, and use the Post-it as a bookmark sticking out of the page. I also found it helpful to download manuals and print them out. I keep them in a binder and can pull out the pages I need to refer to when I'm fiddling with something on the module.

        Simply put, taking the time to read the manual away from whatever gear I'm trying to learn and bookmarking the areas of interest to refer to when I am ready to make adjustments really helps.

        I revisit the manual from time to time as I get more familiar with my gear to see if anything else I missed earlier would be useful to know.

        Finally, you sometimes need to go line by line through the instructions as you're making the adjustments. I can be easy to skip a step (that's for anything, not just the Roland manual).
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          Just my cents on recording these things. I offer 2 solutions that I think work well 1 get a vex pack ( because Roland drums sounds are B grade when compared to VEX ) load them go "OMG this kit is now amazing "... then split your you kits across the 8 outs ( I like Kick 1 snare 2 toms1 and 2 on 3 toms 3 and 4 on 3 hats on 5 crashes on 6 ride on 7 leaving 8 for what ever... and I also push another snare channel from master out ( as this channel is wet ) where as the 8 outs are dry. record add effects eq ect to taste.... OR record via midi and use some of the very cool sounds from steven slate drum...that way you can easily fix mis hits ect in the midi file and get what ever sounds post recording. that should get you started on recording anyway


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            Those are good suggestion s for referencing. My challenge is what Im reading Im not understanding so I havent been able to link the instruction to what Im trying to achieve which is create a custom kit using the various individual stock drum sounds from the pre-programed kits / drums. For example, I may like a snare sound from 1 kit, a bass drum sound from different kit and tom sounds from a 3rd different kit. As an additional challenge in the near future, Ive also ordered an additional trigger for special effect type sounds like "hand clap" or timbale sound that i will set up to the left of my hi hat. Exciting thought to be able to understand how to achieve these things to more leverage the great sound dynamics the TD30KV offers beyond an acoustic kit.


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              It will all be easier once it is in front of you...And, like others suggested, you will probably want to get a VEX pack or two, since starting with great sounding instruments is better than starting with "okay" sounding instruments...

              But, once you find a basic kit that you like, you can then "fill it in" with pieces from other kits.... Love everything but the snare? Fine. Tell the module to copy the snare from kit 45 to your favorite kit in slot 1. Now you decide there is a better ride over in kit 52? Fine...go copy it. Make entire module backups often, since it is easy to do, and provides a trivial way to go back to a previous setting if you decide you liked it better.

              Also, check out VDrumLib, or my TD30Browser (check my sig) if you'd like to do this editing via drag and drop on your computer. That's mostly helpful if you are going to be doing lots of changes, and have a pretty good idea before-hand of what you want to do...since you won't be able to hear any of the changes until you save the file and load it back into your module.

              I can say, though, that for assigning your new "effects" pad to a hand clap, or, say a cowbell (like I do), can be done for every single kit in one shot using my software...that's a lot easier than doing it in the module. ;-)

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                Forgive me if I'm being a bit thick on this subject but I'm still new to all the nuances of electronic kits. I understand what you are saying but need a bit of help. I've got my TD 15 vexed and am loving the sounds, I've copied various parts of kits to make up my own but am still having problems with a snare sound I like. The problem I have is this. Like you said I copied a snare sound I like from kit A to kit B, but the ambience settings in kit A are different from the settings in kit B which then alters the sound of the snare to such a degree that it no longer sounds like the original snare. Is there any way I can correct this?
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                  Not sure you can do anything about that, as ambiance is a kit level thing, not an instrument level thing. On the 30, you can copy an instrument with or without the compression/EQ settings...but that doesn't do anything to the kit level ambiance. (I don't know anything about the 15, it may be exactly the same there)
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                  aKit: (Tama Starclassic): http://www.vdrums.com/forum/acoustic...ma-starclassic
                  TD30Browser: http://www.vdrums.com/forum/general/...4-td30-browser


                  • Mau
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                    Thanks for responding. I don't think the 15 has that ability but I'm guessing at the moment, I'll do some digging and see what I can come up with

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                  Thankyou all for your responses I really appreciate it. I'd been told by some people to get a midi interface and by others just to go straight into a PC and DAW


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                    So if I use the 8 individual outs on the back of my TD 30 (I plan on going into my Zoom R16)...... am I understanding right that there will be no effects on all those triggers?.......if that is so I don't understand why it would be like that.....we pay money for the expansion pack for the great sound only to not be able to use them coming out the back of the unit??


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                      No, that's not right. You've misunderstood.

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                    I'm wrong then.....awesome.......so whatever the sounds you're hearing in the headphones is what's going to come out of the 8 individual outs in the back then?


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                      It's flexible. Read the manual here: http://www.roland.com/support/articl...30&id=62268674
                      eKit (TD-30KV): http://www.vdrums.com/forum/performa...y-s-drums-td39
                      aKit: (Tama Starclassic): http://www.vdrums.com/forum/acoustic...ma-starclassic
                      TD30Browser: http://www.vdrums.com/forum/general/...4-td30-browser