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Could I 'brick' my module using expressions? Need help

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  • Could I 'brick' my module using expressions? Need help

    Well I have a td-9v2 and would really like to try out vex, now what if I move the original Roland's kits to the computer. And they somehow get deleted, did I just ruin my module? How easy is it to load kits back and forth? I wish there were a video showing u the steps to backup and load. Anyway could I cause any serious damage?

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    The factory kits are always stored in the TD-9's internal memory. If you format the module, or "restore to factory settings", it will reload the factory kits.
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      LOL You cannot brick your module simply loading a backup.

      As Tommy said, your original kits are always available from the module's rom memory. Of course, we always suggest backing them up in case you made any tweaks you wish to keep.
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        you can get back any individual factory preset by using the COPY fubction.
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          Well good to know then.