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What is V expression? i do not understand

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  • What is V expression? i do not understand

    Sorry for my ignorance... i am not sure what V expression is...
    is it a company/guy who programs kit settings on the moduke like any other user and selling his settings?
    is it deeper programming then user with permission to access from Roland?
    is it new samples with permission from Roland?
    i dont really understand...

    Thanks for your reply!

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    Let's see if I can answer all those...

    We are a few guys that have decades of experience in studio and live environments that bring that experience to creating modeled kits on Roland modules to mimic real drums and mixed kits. At one time, with a partnership with VDrumLib, we were able to offer "deeper" setting tweaks that Roland locked from users. That is no longer the case. (unless you own a TD-12 that's never been upgraded ) We are not able to add samples to the modules as that is not a possibility. We remodel the internal sounds through COSM modeling and the production tools within the module. Can anyone do it? Sure,but we save drummers weeks and months of time by offering it.

    Hope that helps!
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      What Alan said.... they tweak all the parameters in the module and there are a lot of tweakability built into to the Roland modules to get you really great sounds... they are a good value and add a lot of life to the kits they build.......
      TD-6 Vexed... TD-12 vexed .... hard at work on an A to E conversion and pretty sure that will never end till i do.....lol


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        Ok - clear. I wasn't sure. Thanks!


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          Originally posted by Alan VEX View Post
          Can anyone do it? Sure,but we save drummers weeks and months of time by offering it.
          Actually, I'm pretty sure that I couldn't do it, so I am really, really, really happy that you did and made it available to people like me!
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