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Strike vs Rock?

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  • Strike vs Rock?

    Hay digital drummers, I like to say a big thx to the guys at Vex for extracting every drop out of the roland modules, well done.
    I have to note that after playing the strike pack for a little while now, and loving it. That I thought the rock essentials was not as well done.
    Please do not think that I am in any way un happy with the rock vex, I just wish I would have bought it first before the strike vex.
    The cymbals and the rims sound almost the same or, never changed in the rock vex But in strike Vex, OMG,SWEET.
    Yes I know that the rock vex was hurried along, and is light years better then stock roland,, but Strike!, my hat is off to you Sir.
    I did notice a similar but not so great diff in my old td9, that is to say the top 50 masters was great, and to add the Naturals to it was just sublime.
    I liked the naturals accoustics, it was such a pleasure to make new sets from from it, splendid work.
    I would like to hear from other drummers, on what they think is the best overall kit, and the best snare from the td 30 Vex kits so far.?
    My favs change. I copied my favs to the 100 user kit working down to pos 80 now I think. that way I can change settings to what I like and still have the original for when I go to far!( done that a few times, I'll never work for Vex,lol).
    I have notice that when I go back to the original strike pack, I find another fav.. But really how good is the Ronn Dunnett snare,,, WOW.The kits not bad with better cymbals and mic changes, but the snare,,,crack,, simple,,loud,, attack.
    Just rambling now sorry, goodnite... Leeroy
    Roland td-9kx2 gear, on the 8th oct 2013 will have td-30 module, 3 X pd 85, 2x pd 105, v 11 hihat, kd 9, 2x 12yc, 1x 13cr, pm 30 monitor, double pedal(suck at these), vex kit masters 50 and naturals so far. Now have Vex Strike and td 30, wooh hoo !

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    I only purchased the Strike vex pack and have been so happy with it, I haven't even looked at the Rock one. Amazing effort by the Vex guys who put these together

    Roland TD-30KV, Pearl Demon Drive Double Pedal, Pearl H1000 hit hat stand, Shure SE530 IEMs, AKG K171 MKII Headphones, Mackie DLM PA, Yamaha MG102C mixer, Roland Studio Capture

    Natal Walnut kit (US Fusion X), Bosphorus Antique 16" Crash & 22" Ride, Bosphorus Gold Series 14" hats.


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      I only purchased the Strike pack as I felt it offered a lot more variety within the kits than the Rock pack did.
      I think my work is done here.