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  • Pleiadian & TD-M8 Users >>>

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    Hi Ian,

    All TD-M8 does is make it easier to change the settings on the TD-8 module. When I just bought the TD-8 I was happy with the factory settings, sounds and kits. After a couple of weeks, I wanted to change the sounds and kits. I found that changing the settings directly on the module is not always easy, wich lead to the idea of being able to change the settings on the PC instead...

    There is nothing that can not be done without TD-M8, it just makes life a bit easier. Certainly, you feel uncomfortable right now to change the settings, but you will want it somewhere in the future... it's your module!

    Regarding the v1.10 update. It does two major things (correct me if I'm wrong): it updates some trigger settings so it's easier to use the v-cymbals and some of the cymbal sounds in the preset kit have changed. You don't need it, but there are some improvements if you're useing the v-cymbals

    dump v
    1 put (sth unwanted) in a place and leave as rubbish
    2 transfer data from one part of a system to another. E.g. I dumped the changes to my module



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      I just noticed that you use windows 2000....

      Don't install TD-M8 just yet! There is a problem that causes it not to work properly with Windows 2000 and NT. I will first have to fix it.


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        Rob - Thanks for the fast response.

        In regards to the v1.10 upgrade - Is this an upgrade that gets downloaded into the TD-8, or will I have to always run it on my computer hooked up to the TD-8? I don't have any V-Cymbals, so I'm not in a big hurry.

        I'll take your advice and wait to get TD-M8 due to 2000.

        Thanks again,


        P.S. - I saw your other post and the next update with the mixer looking settings looks really sweet! Keep up the good work.


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          The 1.10 patch gets "permanently" written to your td8. You only need the computer and the midi interface to write it there once, but you'll find that once you start playing with the presets, you may start thinking "I'd like to hear the snare from this patch with the bass drum and cymbals from the other patch"...

          It's very possible to do this with the td8 itself, but TD-M8 makes it easier, just drag-and-drop or copy-and-paste.


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            Oh, and as for why you would want to upgrade...

            For me personally, the absolute best new feature is saving default settings for the click track. Never again will you have to hear that horrible "voice" shouting numbers into your ears.

            That alone is worth the upgrade.