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VKitEx MIDI Issues

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  • VKitEx MIDI Issues

    I just got my TDW-1 upgrade installed and... WOW! Lovin' it. Wanted to check out the VKitEx program and some of the user patches, but I'm having a problem where I try to load a patch to my TD-10exp and the progress bar always seems to stall out anywhere in the 10% - 60% range. It'll start getting some blocks from MIDI, but at some point the communication just fails and it sits there forever.

    Anything I'm doing that could cause this? My MIDI connection is via a SoundBlaster Live Platinum under Windows 2000. I can do other stuff via MIDI just fine including sequencing, but VkitEx seems to get confused.

    I'd love to try some of these patches out, but until I can get this working, I guess I'll be doing some of my own (not a bad thing!)
    kit pr0n.

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    Every once in a while, this program finds a PC it doesn't like. I have a Pent. 300, Win 98 w/ SB 128 card and it won't talk to the program no way, no how. I use an old 486 w/SB-16 card in my basement (which is more convenient anyway). I don't know if Win 2K is the problem or not.

    There are a couple files on the patches site that I found were corrupt. I assume you have tried to load several different kits and have this problem on all. Are you loading a single kit w/o pattern? Are you selecting a file with the extension .td1? I had converted all the TD-10 to TD-10exp for this software. Are you using the converted files (which need to be unzipped)?

    Let's recap (bear with me if you've done all this)...

    If you go to the patches page, go to the bottom and select "to check out our FTP site for new files Check Here". Then look for the TDW-1 converted zipfile OR... go here

    When you load the program, go to kits w/o patterns, select single, load to TD-10, locate file with .td1 extension, getting list of kit names appears, select kit to replace, replace and load kit.

    Man, if everything above is what you are doing, I don't know how to help.
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      Yeah, I'm using .tdl files and trying to load a single kit w/o pattern. I am indeed trying several of the ones from the TDW-1 converted ZIP file. The status bar freezes as it's retrieving the list of kits from my TD-10exp. It'll get through part of it, but freezes eventually.

      I don't really have a backup PC to try this out on, so I guess I'm screwed for now. I'm having fun doing up my own kits, but it would have been neat to try some of the ones from the site.

      Oh well.
      kit pr0n.