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how to expand on the td-12

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  • how to expand on the td-12

    I recently went from a td-3 to a td-12, i just wanna see if there is a way to expand on the `12 inputs. i would like to sell the td-3 so besides the obvious choice of keeping the td-3 and using along with it is there any expansion kits to add more inputs?

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    Welcome to the forum. I think you have 4 options if you have used all the inputs:
    1. Use another module to enable more inputs - so you might want to keep your TD-3
    2. Split some of the inputs on the TD-12 so that you can use some inputs as 2 single triggers on different pads instead of one dual zone pad (of course this doesn't increase the total number of inputs/sounds on your kit). See the sticky thread at the top of the DIY section on building Keith Raper's circuit + comments from Bruce below.
    3. Add a TMC-6 unit - but I think it needs some tweaking with the TD-12 and TD-20.... I'm sure Bruce will be along in a minute with more details.
    4. Buy a TD-20 and get a couple of more inputs!

    Have a look at some member's kits - Michael Render, Computerman, SuperPuss (follow links below)- and you'll see kits built around multiple modules (up to 3 TD-20s!).



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      The Raper circuit is needed for cymbal/kick inputs, but for tom/aux inputs of a TD-9/12/20 the modified splitter cable is a simpler solution; Sticky: Splitter for Dual Piezo inputs AKA TD-9, TD-12 or TD-20 Aux/Tom splitter Revisited



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        I would keep the TD-3 and use it either as a sound source or a MIDI converter.


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          I would keep the TD-3 since whatever you make on that module, you'll just dump into a TMC-6. And the TD-3 has more inputs than a TMC-6. A quick check on eB** shows TD-3's selling buy it now between $298 and $345, and a new TMC-6 from $290-$300. I think you're better off with the TD-3 since you've already got it.
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