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TD9 KX with double KD8 trigger kit

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  • TD9 KX with double KD8 trigger kit

    I'm new on the forum and brand new owner of TD9 KX kit with aded extra
    CY-8 crash cymbal, so it makes it "custom" I guess
    What I want to know actualy is about that "aux" input on module. I use the "crash" input already with mentioned CY-8 crash, so my "aux" is empty.
    Recently I got two Trick's Big foots bass pedals for my birthday and now I have a problem becouse I have my acoustic set with two bass drums, and If I join them in doubles I have to buy an extra...something... to join two singles in double which is stupid and pricey, so i decided to buy an extra KD 8 trigger kit which is pretty cheap and join it in aux, but I don't know will that work like an primary KD8 which is already on kit. Will it work, I think about volume and responce thing. Anyone got any experince with aux or the same problem or idea ?? Please answer, thnx !

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    Hi Brajac, welcome to the forum.

    Yes, your extra KD-8 will work perfectly in the AUX port. Just configure your AUX pad settings the same as your KICK settings and you have a great starting point. Page 46 shows what I am talking about, just scroll over to A for AUX and select KD8 as the type for that input (while you are on this page, check that you CRASH2 is also selected as a CY8). You can then tweak the AUX to the same settings as the KICK and volume should be the same.

    Enjoy your double pedalling.

    Later, Phil.

    P.S. Custom kits in this forum means custom sounds programmed in to a specific kit in your module. This thread should be in Technical to get the focus you intended. Don't sweat it, I'm just letting you know.
    TD9-KX, VH-11, HPD-10, DW 5000 hardware

    Rock Band 2 & Guitar Hero WT(Xbox), Midi Rocker


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      thnx Phil, sorry about wrong understanding "custom" selection

      I guess I'll need this selection in the future



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        I would think this is a perfect opportunity for a splitter. Why couldn't you split the regular bass drum input to the two KD-8s...and save that oh-so-precious AUX input for something else?


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          That's also very good idea, but how I'm gonna split them? The all main trigger elements are joined in one connector for the TD9 console, or.....??


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            It looks something like this:

            Just make sure it is mono on all connectors or stereo on all connectors (you don't want a stereo to be split to two separate mono). Plug the KD-out into the female end of the splitter, and plug the each of the two males into each KD8. If the cable is not long enough, you may need to get an extension for one of them. Good luck!

            edit: just found a different one, and you WILL need an extension on one of them:

            Scan down the page to find "1/4" Mono Jack to 2) 1/4" Mono Plugs" :
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