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TD-12 Custom Kits and Loops -NEWBIE

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  • TD-12 Custom Kits and Loops -NEWBIE

    Hello, first of all I'm a newbie to the v-drums, and not a drummer. I'm tech saavy and a keyboard player. I'm a music minister in the church and my drummer is NOT tech saavy. We want to create a simple loop for a particular song. It will be probably 2 bars of 4 4. He wants to record it with one kit and play live with a different kit. It seems that this is either impossible or very difficult to do. I have read threads about mixing in an mp3 loop, so we might consider that. unless...

    My question is this. Is it possible to create a custom drum kit, for example a mix of techno bass and tom hits and normal acoustic snares and cymbals, sound effects etc.? I'm sure all of this information is somewhere in this forum, but I'm not sure the terminology is the same. Sometimes people are talking about custom kits in relation to the actual hardware, but I'm talking more in terms of custom kits within the module itself.