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Metal kit (video)

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  • Metal kit (video)

    Evening, tigers.

    I've made a little video here (with several pretty bad mistakes due to being a half drunk, and a disturbing lack of pants), to see how my new metal type kit I've come up with might sound live. Sadly I've only recorded it on my phone but I think the kick/snare have the right tone to them, the toms are too quiet and the cymbals may be a bit bright, but that's just my view on it. Any suggestions for how to improve the balance of bass/mid/highs etc to cut through live? I know it's only a poor quality vid but you can get a basic feel for the sound.

    Here's the video: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Dh35caZoxac

    So yeah, any criticisms/suggestions/comments etc? Cheers guys!

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    Not my cup of tea (style of music) but good drumming nonetheless!

    I realize this was just recorded on a phone but is this the quality I should expect by recording from my TD12 through a basic audio interface (tascam 144 or something) to my PC? If so, I rather would save my money and the effort of connecting to my PC.

    Can anyone chime in and give me an idea of audio clip that they have recorded through a basic/cheap audio interface into their PC in raw (unedited or eq'd) format? I'm talking vDrums without any audio cleanup... what kind of quality of sound should I expect into the PC? Actual samples with relative equipment would be so helpful.

    Thanks so much!


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      No, you'll get much much better quality. Recording a vdrum trough a microphone is a bad idea to begin with. You'll get the full spectrum and dynamics when recording directly in an audio interface.
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        SSK, we can't tell much from the recording .. I mean we ear as much stick sound as actual drum sounds. Try to record the audio directly in your PC then synch the video with the audio in a video editing software like windows movie maker.
        TD-17, TD-6, SPD-6, E-mu Pro/cussion, Simmons SDE Expander


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          nice drumming i like it but i would like to see different camera angle next time.


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            Originally posted by atomburst View Post
            nice drumming i like it but i would like to see different camera angle next time.
            +1 and pants!!!!!!!!!!!


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              Man, just reading the prologue was enough to make me say, "No thanks!" Get sober and put your pants on, ferpetesake!

              I'm like a lot of others - I don't care much for metal, but admire those with the ability to play it well.


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                well, i think im partly blind now after looking at that but the kit seems fairly balanced aside from the bell. hard to tell though with the phone recording, everything sounds like boxes and pie plates.as far as cutting through a metal mix live or recorded, you'll have to use your e.q.'s carefully as the guitars flood the middle of the mix in that genre. so hopefully the guitar players will cut their bottom end to make room for your kick and the bass player and in the middle you'll have to e.q. guitars and drums differently so you don't all crowd the center on the same frequencies and turn everything to mud ending up in no one being heard clearly. hope your not interested in film making though. you can't do 3 and a half minutes with just butt shots.lol