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difference between vdrumlib and tddrum studio

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  • difference between vdrumlib and tddrum studio

    someone knows the difference between these two programmes. Why can not I edit the files vexpression .Td0 with tddrum studio.

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    TD Drum Studio is still in works to make that happen... but it's been a while too long to expect anything soon, especially since it's freeware. VdrumLib is in everyway better.. It takes both .td0 and .syx files and able to change instruments and v-editing, anything you could possibly imagine to have via remote control over your kit through pc.


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      thank you kevincool87
      this not only remains for me to buy vdrumlib for editing, even if the files can I put them directly on compact flash through computer management resources.


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        You mean those .td0 files ? Yes you can insert your cf card into your pc card reader and after the pc is ready to use that external flash memory, just copy your files over to the CF card and you can just load them from the module. Not sure what your question means..


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          with vdrumlib is possible change the name to the single kit, change the order of kits. Take same kit from a file .td0 and other kits from another file . td0 and make a new file.
          I do not know this: if I change some instruments of a kit on the td20. Then the compact flash load another kit and then reloading kit previous changes remain?



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            Yes you can change name of kits, order of kits, add kits from various .td0 files and make one .td0 or .syx file. If you change an instrument/v-edit/ambience/FX etc. in a kit inside the TD-20, change to another kit loaded from CF(which is saved to another kit slot other than the one you just altered) and reload back to that altered kit, it will stay changed. When ever you load a kit from CF, you're saving it into one of the TD-20's 50 kit slot. Any change you apply is auto saved in that kit in TD-20. If you load that same kit from CF to that same kit slot in TD-20, it'll be changed back to the original settings as it were in the CF card.

            This will change if you get the new exp card, since you'll be able to load them straight from the CF card without using up a kit slot in TD-20. Not sure how people'll be able to change the instruments and such then. It could get saved into CF automatically.. Or it won't be.

            Anyway hope this answers your question


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              FWIW, I don't think TDS is in development anymore. I think the guy stopped working on it. While the forum was started over in March, no technical responses have been given in over a year as far as I can tell. I'm pretty sure he gave up on it. Just FWIK.
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                many tkanks kevincool87 and amonline

                God save google translator