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nicko mcbrain for td-12

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  • nicko mcbrain for td-12

    anyone have a nicko set for a td-12?just bought it,now i'm broke,can't buy the vex pack for 2 more weeks!how will i make it?
    thanks guys,

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    I've once met Nicko on the Franfurter Musik Messe in Germany, at that time I was working for a percussion company.
    I loved modern drummer magazine, so I got some magazines from their stand and walked a little around.
    Suddenly I saw the Sonor or Premier(?) Stand and asked for Mr. McBrian.
    (who was sitting out of sight in the back) and who had performed earlier on the floor.
    I remember that a friend of my was a big Iroin Maiden-fan, and that it would be nice when I got him a poster with autograph from Nicko.
    One of the managers must have thought that I was from Modern Drummer magazine, because Nicko came right away and acted a little confused when I asked for the poster for my friend.
    I've got the poster with his autograph for my friend Michel and Nicko was very polite and nice.
    Believe it or not! But Nicko was wearing a nice black suit with black suede shoes!I bet you never saw that!
    He once started a clinic here in Holland with: "DRUMKEY!"(holding a drumkey above is head!) He is an excellent drummer.
    My friend was blown away when I gave him the poster.

    TD-12 friends and Nicko friends, help this guy out!

    Good luck,
    Roland TDW-20/HPD-15/ Korg Wavedrums/Vexpressions