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New Vex Suggestion?

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  • New Vex Suggestion?

    Not sure if this is in the right place of the forum. I was listening to Fishbone's Truth and Soul album yesterday. Great album! Anyway I always loved the drums on that album, and think they would be a great fit for the TD12/20 (and perhaps other modules - certainly the TD6).

    Alan, this would make for a great VEX pack. Perhaps there could be a pack focused on funk drummers? I don't think there is a specific pack for that.

    Maybe some James Brown / Motown, Fishbone, RHCP, Spin Doctors (the drums on thier first album sounded great), Billy Cobham, Sly and the family Stone ....

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    Originally posted by vdrummer20
    Maybe some James Brown / Motown, Fishbone, RHCP, Spin Doctors (the drums on thier first album sounded great), Billy Cobham, Sly and the family Stone ....
    I believe Aaron Comess (Drummer for the Spin Doctors) is represented in the Top 50 Drummers 1 expansion kit for the TD-12 and TD-20, as well as in the Master 50 (Aaron Comess: Studio set w/ Spin doctors) for the TD-8 & TD-6.

    - Ugly.
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      Welcome and thanks. I did not know his name. I also do not know who plays for Fishbone, but that is one of my all time favorite albums in terms of the grooves he puts down. Another great drummer who I do not know his name: The drummer for Blues Traveller. Great sound and playing. I think album that I have is But Anyway? Not sure.
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        Fishbone Roxors.
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          One more - tower of power , live track for what is hip. David Garibaldi.


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            We already did that one.
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              Yeah I think Top 50 Drummers 2 is the next vex pack for me. But I think "Truth and Soul" is a great canidate!


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                I think it would be great to get that Chad Sexton (311) sound. I love his dry, tight snare sound.


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                  VExpressions offers special request orders for $20/hr with a minimum order of 5 kits.

                  Most of those drummers you were talking about have already been done by VEX like RHCP, Cobham and spin doctors etc. And I'll tell you one thing... they are awesome! I have a bunch of them. I would recommend them to any v-drummer/e-drummer who doesnt want to play a bunch of generic stock kits.

                  As much as I advertise and plug VEX you would think I was getting a paycheck from them.. LoL. I cant help it.. they're just that good.

                  I highly recommend kits from V-Expressions.


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                    Thanks. Yeah I saw the masters 50 had most of the guys I mentioned. I am a huge Vex fan myself. I think the web page was recently redone? When I first started looking about a year ago I was drawn to the professor's pack and did not look in detail at the others. The layout now seems much nicer.


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                      I posted this in another thread, but I'd like to see VEX put out a Shannon Leto kit. He's the drummer for 30 Seconds to Mars. The kit he uses on their first album is one of the best sounding kits I've ever heard.
                      Where am I?


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                        Suggestions for Master 50 Volume #2 for the TD-8...

                        Here are few more kits I'd love to see added to the next Master Set for the TD-8...

                        Jose Pasillas of Incubus: Kit used for "Are you In"
                        Sean Kinney of Alice in Chains: Kit used for "No Excuses"
                        Brad Corrigan of Dispatch: Kit used for "The General"

                        - Ugly.
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                          TD8 and TD6 programming of a funk pack

                          I will start working on this type of pack for development. I think a 40 kit drum pack will be a nice addition to the offerings for these two modules.


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                            I would like to see...

                            A collection of different instrument tweaks, something like this:

                            KIT ONE: 18 or so snare tunings
                            KIT TWO: Another 18 or so snare tunings
                            KIT THREE: Another 18 or so snare tunings
                            KIT FOUR: 18 or so kick drum tunings

                            ... and so on throughout the kit's basic instruments. Leave 5 or 10 kits blank for assembling your "dream kit".

                            Whadya think?


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                              I know he isn't a "master", but dang I would like to see an Eric Carr kit. His drums were thunderous.
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