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Vex Review - Professor's pack

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  • Vex Review - Professor's pack

    Quick review on my first vex purchase- The Professor's pack ...

    Seeing this posted on their web page is what prompted me to sell my TD6 for a 12 ... Then I thought it would be a one trick pony - only good for Rush covers, and how much better could they be then my own kits? I also read a poster's comments that the module could not produce sounds for toms smaller then 12", and Peart's concert toms is what I wanted!

    Anyway, I thought about this for months, and finally decided to purchase on Friday. Due to my lack of reading instructions I botched the procedure and Alan emailed the files quickly after sending him an email.

    Amazing. The overall experience exceeded my expectations for what I was looking for. Not only do the drums provide a satisfying replication of his kits, but the dynamic range is much improved as well (I may have really messed up my compressor settings ... The faders are also tuned better then what I had. They are all at 50% and the mix is great.

    As far as the toms, the concert toms are very authentic. The audio files on the Vex web page do not so these justice! I will record them a bit this week and post.

    My favorite kits of his are from moving pictures and snakes and arrows, and that is true of the vex pack as well. Overall a great investment. And the kits really have legs - they would be great for most rock/funk styles. The other kits are great as well, especially Portnoy's (although I am not a big fan of him or DT) as well as Vinny's kit. And Bonzo.

    Some criticisms? I really need to think hard to find any ... I only picked up the TD12 pack, but there were no china types modeled. Its easy to just replace a cymbal as a china but I am sure thier parameters would add to the sound. I would have liked to seen the higher toms for each kit, so the overall sound matched, although you could just copy toms from one kit to another with similar results. Finally, there was no gong bass drum. Not sure if this is do-able on the module, but I would have expected this. Again I was blown away by the kits and I am very satisfied overall ...

    I spend a lot of time since I got the TD12 tweaking my own kits, and not playing. I found with the vex pack, I played more than I have in a long time, with very minimal tweaking.

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    Nice review.
    I'll be getting a TD-20 this week and am thinking of adding some V Expression packs. The Professor's Pack is one that really caught my interest since Neil has been my number one inspiration. Glad you're having fun with it.

    JB in NJ
    JB in NJ

    "Ding" - Neil Peart, Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres I. Prelude


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      Another Jersey member (I'm in Bergen cnty)! Welcome. Enjoy the TD20.


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        Wow vdrummer! Thanks for the awesome review! I think I'll send you the TD-20 version just as a thanks! You'll get those chinas, other toms and cymbals.

        I agree - the site samples do not do any of our stuff justice. There is a real loss of what the module truly produces when it gets sent to the mp3's. Also, I do not processing at all - it's simply a stereo recording of the S/PDIF, normalize and compressed to mp3. I try to tell people that and they generally don't believe me. Usually, they send me emails later saying the same thing you did.

        Anyway, I'm really glad you're enjoying the kits! Check your mail box in a bit.
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          Hey thanks Alan!