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How do I record custom samples for my TD-6V?

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  • How do I record custom samples for my TD-6V?


    I've seen people creating their own custom kits but I haven't seen much info on how to record and create these custom kits. I'm looking to record my own sample sounds and get them into my Roland TD-6V so that I can trigger custom sounds during live on stage performances.

    This is what I have:

    - A Macbook Pro w/Garage Band
    - An M-AUDIO FireWire 410 (http://www.m-audio.com/products/en_u...e410-main.html)
    - A few good mics

    I am pretty clueless as to what else I would need to do this. Do I need any other special software? Is this even possible?

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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    You can not add samples to any Roland TD modules. You can tune the current sounds (COSM and all that) but you can not add new ones.

    You can trigger sounds via MIDI from programs like EZ Drummer and BFD. In a similar fashion you can call up custom sounds like you describe.

    In terms of callinf this up for live gigs, I would not trust a PC source for this. I have no experience in this area, but I can see the hourglass on the screen while the PC does a virus check just as you go to trigger some critical sample and -- no sound. Then after the song is over you hear the sample over the PA as your computer is back on line.

    I would go with some dedicated machine for this activity. But I am sure the collective group will weigh in with real world experience.

    Good luck


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      Morning - Afternoon - Evening

      A lot of guys use a Roland SPDS as a sample launch pad, u can record into it too i think.

      The other way is to use something like Ableton Live and launch your samples from your kit via midi, so u need a cable, midi interface and the sofware.

      Check out this vid and look at the session scene part, u can launch clips using a midi keyboard or your drums, these are all samples laid out together and can be saved as a song.

      Record musical ideas, combine or create new songs, and compose on the fly. Live captures your every move for later refinement and editing.

      oops - sorry forgot to say - Your TD6V is actually a sound module that contains GM midi sounds, u can hook up a controller keyboard through midi and record a song or pattern like piano, synth or any sound that's in that module and save it in user songs and launch from a pad BUT that's not the same as a wav sample etc and u r limited to the GM set. But it depends what you want. That's how those playalong patterns are created and stuff like the walking bass line in "one man band" ... Details are in the manual i think.
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