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  • Post your original kit to share here!

    This is a sticky where you can post your ORIGINAL kits to share!

    Shared kit threads can get easily lost or passed up over time in our Custom Kits section. For that reason, we are putting this sticky thread here to act as a single location for everyone to share their own original kit(s).

    Feel free to post a zip file containing the sysex (or TD0 as described below) of your originally designed kit you would like to share with others.

    Please list the module and describe your kit briefly and attach your zip (or TD0) file to your post.

    Please use this thread for single posts and only this reason. All other posts will be deleted. Other "shared kit" threads in the Custom Kits forum will be deleted and you will be asked to repost to this sticky.

    - VDrum Moderator Team

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    Roland TD-8 n° 22 User Kits.

    #1 Funk & Fusion (natural cutting sounds)
    #2 Metal / Rock (fat drums with big attack)*
    #3 5 Hi Hats kit (additional 4 hats in the cymbals and in aux inputs)
    #4 Letz Funk (funky dry sounds)*
    #5 Brushes (standard brush set)
    #6 Acoustic (natural sounds, buzz toms)*
    #7 Acustic (Other natural drum set)
    #8 FunkyMix (funky set with pad pattern functions)
    #9 Donati (set inspired by Virgil Donati On The Virg Serious Young Insects album)*
    #10 Birtch (standard birtch set)
    #11 RoseWood (standard rosewood set)
    #12 Maple (standard maple set)
    #13 Oak (standard oak set)
    #14 E-Manu (voice set)
    #15 Session (beautiful warm and hot)*
    #16 Reggae (typical reggae drums and percussion sounds)
    #17 Fusion (dry fusion sounds)
    #18 AcuRoker (natural rock/blues sounds)*
    #19 @[email protected]%[email protected] (rocky)
    #20 Rock '80 (early 80s reverbered drums)
    #21 Evil (black/death metal drums)*
    #22 Jazz (jazz drums: coated everywhere and 5 different rides)*

    *my favourite!

    NOTE: I used to splitting the input 1KICK using a secondary pad near the TOM1 (in these sets is used often for an high tom, fixed hihat, or otherwize for a second ride and percussion.
    AUX 11/12 spitted into the fourth tom and an auxiliary percussion.


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    My kits: Acoustic; Roland

    Shardana [my band] [heavy metal inside!!]


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      Hi there,

      I post my TD-8-kits again at this place.


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      Or better:


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        Here are two kits that I have been using/tweaking for a bit. They were inspired by my favorite drummers (Peart/Copland/Weckl) but are not replicas. There are some kits where I was experimenting with mic position using vdrumlib - they are less interesting, and a percussion kit.

        TD12, the inputs are the basic toms, snare, crash. The 3 way ride functionality is not used and I have a spash as another cymbal. Aux 1 is a high tom and aux 2 is a china type.

        I think somewhere in here is a "funk" kit. Maybe kit 7 or 8? Anyway enjoy.
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          TD-12 Kit : Gasolin'

          Here is a rock'n'roll sound made by me for the TD-12. This is my first attempt at COSM, so I may post a modified version of it at some point.

          The kit is basically deep sounding snare and toms like the Danish band "Gasolin'" used. At least that was my original intention, but I didn't manage to get it quite right so I will keep working on that part. However, I found that the kit is very well suited for straight-ahead type rock tunes like these:
          • Always on the Run (Lenny Kravitz)
          • Get on the Train (Gasolin')
          • Old Time Rock'n'Roll (Bob Seger)

          It is a TD-12 kit and the file contains a single kit called Gasolin'. Notice, that you may have to play around with trigger settings and effects on your module to make it sound optimal. Being kind of a newbie, I haven't figured that part out completely.

          Feel free to use it for anything you want but if you decide to use it for live gigs or recordings, I would appreciate a PM. If you have suggestions, questions, or something, then let me know.


          Check my YouTube page (see my signature) to hear the Gasolin' kit -- It is being used in these videos:
          • Old Time Rock'n'Roll
          • Always on the Run
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          Ask not whether something is useful -- ask what it is useful for.

          Roland TD-12, Iron Cobra hihat stand and bass-drum pedal from TAMA. My accoustic kit is a Yamaha Power-V Birch with Paiste Alpha-series splashes, crashes, and hihat. My ride is a Zildjan Ping Ride, 20" I think.

          Check out my TD-12 on Youtube. My page is here


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            OrchestrAL (pardon the pun) for TD8

            I've been captivated by a couple of London Symphony and Royal Philharmonic Cds - one covering Queen and a couple doing the Beatles. Unfortuantely, the out-of-the-box Orchestral kit from Roland is a bit lame and quirky, so I've tweaked it to come up with the attached OrchestrAL kit. I'm particularly happy with the gong that has a supergong on the edge (crash 2).
            Let me know if it's any use.
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            . digitalDrummer
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              Okay, I went back to re-do that 'all TDW-20 sounds' kit but ended up just making my own Danny Carey kit using a mix of sounds from both the TD-20 and the TDW-20 (so don't bother downloading it if you don't have the TDW-20).

              I modeled all of the cymbals exactly (as close as the TD-20 would let me that is) to those featured on the Paiste web site under Danny Carey's profile. The only exception is the "Aux2" cymbal. I had it sounding like the 10" dark splash but felt there wasn't enough accent variety so I just slapped in a nice but regular splash. Obviously I couldn't make all of Danny's cymbals as there are far more accent bell splashes, and even a second hi-hat, than available inputs on the TD-20. With the toms I tried to model them using the song "Ticks and Leaches" from the Lateralus CD. The only out of place piece is the snare. I would have used the bronze snare like the one Danny used on Lateralus but I prefer the 10,000 Days snare sound so I used something along that line.

              The drum layout is the same as some of the VEX TD-20 kit setup (eg, Gigging Kits, Top 50 Drummers, Master Picks, etc.) but I have the "Aux3" being used a high tom which is how a bunch of the TDW-20 kits are set up as (plus, it makes the stereo sound layout proper). I realize Danny doesn't actually use five toms... but I do so
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                I made another kit today, if anyone is interested. This one I did pretty quickly and isn't an exact replication of the kit I was going for but it seems to be an overall useful kit for metal. I modeled it after Mike Wengren from Disturbed's kit using the song "Criminal" from the Indestructible CD and the Sabian cymbal web site for reference.

                EDIT: Oh, I forgot to add: It uses a bunch of TDW-20 sounds so don't bother downloading it if you don't have the TDW-20 card, and the setup is the same as some of the VEX TD-20 kit setup (eg. Gigging Kits, Top 50 Drummers, Master Picks, etc.) but I have the "Aux3" being used a high tom (Mike actually uses a 5th tom!).

                UPDATE!: I was playing my "Disturbed" kit, that I had posted, today and I kinda' disliked a couple of the sounds so I reworked a few things. I'll just call this new kit, "HardRock".

                UPDATE II!: I'm updating this kit again. It now has a much better bass drum sound, that is great for recording, and a different snare sound. I may change the snare again in the future at which point I will update this again.
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                  "BBJazz" Custom Kit for TD9

                  I like to play Jazz stuff about 50% of the time, and I wasn't completely satisfied with any other kits out there, so I built my own. The BB is for "big band" or "bebop", because I think it works OK in both circumstances. It's got a sizzly ride, and a big fat rim shot (maybe too fat).

                  Note that it's mixed for my oddball open-hand setup, so the ride is pretty far left and the crashes are pretty far right. I'll let you guys decide where to put them in your mix.

                  Would love to hear your comments if you try it. This is my first kit "build", and it probably has some beginner mistakes, so please be gentle. After all, it's worth at least what you paid for it!

                  Also, if you've built a custom TD-9 kit, please share it here. I don't think I've seen any others!
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                    15 kits for TD-9

                    I've sold my TD9-KX kit yesterday. Now that I don't have e-drums, visiting this site has lost it's meaning. I thought I could share some of the kits I've tweaked, before leaving the site for good (or until GAS when TD-30 is here)

                    The zip file attachment includes 15 kits + setup file that IMO is better starting point for KX/SX than factory setup. If you have problem with CY-8's, rims aren't triggering so well etc. you might want to try this setup. My pad setup was the factory KX/SX + one extra CY-8 between toms 1 and 2.

                    Every kit has the same stereo image:
                    BD C, Snare C, Hi-hat -6, Tom1 -2, Tom2 2, Tom3 4, Crash1 -4, Crash2 3, Ride 5.

                    Have fun!
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                    - tuquoque


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                      TD-20 HercKits 020609.zipHi All,

                      I've attached a file with 4 kits for the TD-20 Unexpanded in Left handed configuration - as follows:

                      Hercules H:
                      H for "Heavy" = the kit I use when playing Led Zep style music - very loud and resonant

                      Hercules M:
                      M for "My own kit" = modelled from memory of my old Gretsch maple kit with fiberskins

                      Hercules L:
                      L for "Light" = the kit I use when playing ligher music like "The Girl from Ipanema" - sort of a caberet sound

                      Hercules S:
                      S for "Soft" = the kit I use when playing soft pop music like the Carpenters. I created this kit because I all the other kits I found were quite aggressive and didn't let you just sit back "in the pocket"

                      Would appreciate any feedback - remember they're set up left-handed so you'll have to reset the panning.


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                        Roland TD10 cutom kits

                        Hey all! Been away from the forum for a while.. I recently decided to backup my custom kits and i was looking for new ones so I figured i would share mine

                        There are a bunch of duds and such but surf through and you may find some cool ones
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                        TD10 expanded KD120/PD9/PD100/PD120 playing through a Phillips surround sound system lol



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                          TD9SX Kits on TD20?

                          [QUOTE=tuquoque;398441]I've sold my TD9-KX kit yesterday. Now that I don't have e-drums, visiting this site has lost it's meaning. I thought I could share some of the kits I've tweaked, before leaving the site for good (or until GAS when TD-30 is here)

                          Anyway to import these to a TD20, or has anyone modeled the TD9SX kits for the TD20 yet?



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                            Originally posted by tokyoboy View Post
                            Anyway to import these to a TD20, or has anyone modeled the TD9SX kits for the TD20 yet?
                            Sorry, but I think "No" and "No" are the appropriate answers.



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                              Some kits that turned out a bit COSMy

                              See what you think. I haven't cherry-picked anything but among these 33 kits there are hopefully some familiar sounding gems that might just make you chuckle!

                              NOTE: Some Kit Names unchanged from VEX - all tweaks are my own though!!

                              Erm, how do I convert a SYSEX file into a ZIPPED one? (TD-12, you Know...?) ...ahh that's how!

                              My Setup: TD-12KV with VH-12 Hats, CY-15 Ride, AUX1 PD-85, AUX2 CY-12 Ride/Crash - basically a GASsed out Factory Standard Setup with xtra pad and cymbal.

                              If anyone chooses to download these kits, PLEASE GIVE ME SOME FEEDBACK!!!
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