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  • td8/patterns

    Hopefully this isn't redundant..(i've also been searching to find the answers) but is it possible to load midi patterns onto the td8? I've got some midi patterns on my computer that I would like to load into the TD8 for practice and was just wondering if this can be done.


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    No, I'm pretty sure you can't, but you could run the midi notes through the TD-8 I think (I don't have a TD-8, but I think you should be able to).



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      Hey, fjmar99:

      Yes, you can import and export MIDI sequences to and from the TD-8. I've taken several complete songs pieced together from modified TD-8 internal patterns and saved them to my Alesis DataDisk. This gives me the ability to clear out the TD-8's memory as well as play back the songs through my other outboard sound modules from the DataDisk itself. I've also sync-recorded some patterns composed on my outboard sequencer (a cheap little Yamaha QY10) into the TD-8 so that I can use the pad playback function as well as some of the special keyboard sounds. I find I have to experiment with the velocity and gate values somewhat, but it works for me.......
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