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Sound Diver and TDW-1 upgrade

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  • Sound Diver and TDW-1 upgrade

    Sound Diver was my saviour, until I upgraded with a TDW-1 yesterday.

    Anyone know that this doesn't work?

    I'll feel better. It doesn't show ANY data when it is finished "requesting" from the TD-10.

    What a loss!

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    Haven't messed with Soundiver, but I used SysEx97 and it works great with the TDW-1 upgrade. If you are looking to bulk dump kits to PC, save single kits, patterns, etc., this is the program. Check out this thread... http://www.vdrums.com/discussion/For...ML/000434.html
    It gives you the download site and complete instructions.


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      Thanks for the potent reply.

      I will most certainly check this out.

      BTW, Sound Diver EDITS just about EVERY SINGLE parameter in a TD-10. Can you imagine? That's what hurts.

      So many good players and private recording musicians/technicians are wholesomely using the TD-10 and V-Pads that I would imagine Emagic will respond to the upgrade, should this be a version problem and not just my bumbling ...

      A wonderful note to all to try: Sound Diver.
      I had a notebook computer DEDICATED to my TD-10 for months JUST TO EDIT AND SETUP MY TD-10.

      It's THAT good, and it's not user-programmed at all; there is a TD-10 editor already designed and included (except for the upgrade, which is hurtin' me bad).


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        Hey jonny, I have a questions for you over int the Suggestion Forum. thnx.


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          Do any of you guy's know if and how far sounddiver works with a Ddrum4 brain??
          Music was my first love...


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            Emagic claims that the 3.0 version of Sounddiver has a module for TD10/TDW1.



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              Originally posted by Benehem:
              Emagic claims that the 3.0 version of Sounddiver has a module for TD10/TDW1.

              I got it, and it's beautiful. I put my laptop down next to the set and customized all my sets from the screen.


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                Hey Jonny, what MIDI interface are you using?
                I'm ordering Sound Diver and I would like to know about any issues with the MIDI interface.
                (I have Guillemot Maxi Studio and MOTU's PC-Midi Flyer)



                • #9
                  I'm using a Midiman 1x1, the bare minimum for a dedicated laptop connection to only the TD-10.

                  I use the USB port, and no problems exist whatsoever.

                  I also hook up to my main system for sequencing and editing, which uses a MOTU Midi Express XT on the parallel port flawlessly.

                  I use Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 for all my sequencing and dig recording.



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                    I ordered right away and my Sound Diver should be here on Monday, I will post how the instalation went if anyone is interested.