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PC MIDI Flyer driver problems

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  • PC MIDI Flyer driver problems

    I've got that Mark Of The Unicorn PC Flyer thing that hooks to the parallel port. Have any of you who use this had trouble with the driver? It hoses down my system and causes the system to not boot! I have to deactivate the driver to resume computer control. I have downloaded what I think is the latest driver, but isn't it for W95? I have W98.
    I have a Pentium 400 system in a HP Pavilion computer.

    TD10 V-Pro with Pintech HH.

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    TD10 V-Pro with Pintech HH.

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    I use this device with no problems. I use it both with a PII-333 laptop running Win98 and an old P-133 with Win95 that I pieced together. Both work as advertised.

    If you want, send me an email and I will send you the driver that I am using. I do not know if it is the latest, but it works great. Good luck.
    [email protected]