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td-8 and vkitTrans

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  • td-8 and vkitTrans

    I can use the vkit trans app. to upload and dumr patches to the td-8 right. It's not just for the td-10 correct?
    Just making sure.

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    Incorrect. Roland defines how each module is accessed using sysex messages and VKitTrans uses that sysex (the 'ex' part of sysex stands for 'exclusive') to give us TD-10 users added functionality beyond just bulk dumps.

    You can use any off the shelf 'sysex' utility to store/load bulk dumps from the TD-8.


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      Oh, I see. Can you describe and recommend one of these off the shelf 'sysex' utilites? Do they store the paches or do they just transfer the data between the pc and the module?

      Thanks for your help.


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        >Can you describe and recommend one of these off the shelf 'sysex' utilites?

        Well, obviously I don't use it so can't recommend it, but here is one of many generic sysex utils:


        I'd describe it as a cheap and fairly simple way to store bulk dumps from the TD-8 into files on the PC and to also upload those files from the pc to the TD-8. I bet if you uploaded those files to the website, other TD-8 users could use the same sysex utility to load those files into their system.

        That same option has always been available for TD-10 users - but no one wanted to deal with bulk files. With bulk files it is all or nothing. On the TD-10 we can do four types of bulk dumps: (1) all kits, (2) all patterns, (3) all system settings and (4) everything in the TD-10. I would imagine the TD-8 offers similar options.

        The advantage of VKitTrans is that it lets you do singles rather than bulks, allows many different types of combinations, and allows you to preview the kits and patterns from the computer.

        [This message has been edited by Lee (edited February 21, 2000).]


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          Lee, I would be happy to share some $$$ with you if you would convert VKit to the TD-8. I'm sure many other TD-8 users would agree!


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            I have given much thought to the TD-8.

            Pre-NAMM I had started checking the 'pulse' of TD-8 users and of course many are 'champing at the bit' to have VKitTrans ported for their use.

            I am sure the new expansion board will force a new release of VKitTrans for the TD-10, but that is still months away.

            If I had the TD-8's MIDI implementation info I could start immediately on it. I will call Roland early in the week and see if I can get a copy of the Owner's Manual.

            TD-8 users will be charged the same price the TD-10 users paid - putting up with my effusive, often unsolicited, posts.


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              Lee, I will fax you my *backup* copy of the pertinent pages, looks like about 25. What's your fax #?


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                There are many out here who would love to have a program like the VKitTrans program.
                When you do make it (as I am shure you will), can you make it that we can use the sounds from the site as well(ie TD-10) and visa versa.
                Now that is a program we ALL would love to have!!!.
                [email protected]


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                  On a related note:

                  In case you didn't know, Emagic's SoundDiver, a universal sysex editor/librarian program (Mac/PC) comes with support for both the TD10 and TD8 modules.

                  I've been editing and transferring sysex from my TD8 for a while and it works great. You can edit kits, percussion lists, trigger parameters and system parameters right on the computer screen, and using the "generic" adaption you can also save and load your patterns and songs.

                  Check out www.emagic.de for more info...

                  Ben Hall www.benhall.co.uk
                  Akai DPS12 FAQ, Wavestation Info & Sounds
                  Ben Hall
                  Akai DPS12 FAQ, WS Info & Sounds


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                    Lee, could you give us TD-8 users a status on your VKitTrans modification for the TD-8. As you mentioned earlier, many of us are "Chomping at the bit" to have this utility for our use. Thanks for your help.


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                      You know how life goes, we make plans and life makes other demands...

                      Things have settled down to a 'simmer', so once again the plan making begins.

                      I had actually hoped the TDW-1 would not be at all compatible with VKit so I could make a clean break between versions - but...

                      Now I have to rewrite it to deal with both old and new files. A new file format will be adopted that is pure sysex so that Mac users won't be inconvenienced (I've learned my lesson!). Once that is accomplished I honestly do plan to knock off a simplified version for the TD-8 that writes the pure sysex format files so the TD-8 Mac users won't feel the angst that the TD-10 Mac users did.

                      Right now I am working on getting my hands on a TDW-1.

                      I do not mean to be inconsiderate of the TD-8 users, but the TD-10 comes first for me...


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                        Lee, hopefully everything is going alright. Your knowledge, expertise and of coarse your humor has well been missed on this site. Now get out and get that expansion board!!! We'll be here anytime your ready.



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                          TD8 Drum kits are available on the internet.
                          The location is www.idrive.com

                          TDi has made an idrive with this login and password:
                          >>>>>The login name is : td8
                          >>>>>the password is : td8drummer

                          Please post your VCustom drum kits here.

                          I personally am using MidiOx with easy success.




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                            Didn't idrive go out of business.. any new locations for td-8 kits? btw, how is work on that td-8 VkitTrans going?


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                              By simply typing www.idrive.com you will find they are still there.
                              The problem is there is only about 7 kits to download which is pretty lame for us TD-8 users (Patches section has nearly 40 kits available for TD-10).
                              I've just created a post in Suggestions
                              TD-8 USER KIT SETTINGS FOUND HERE.

                              I did a thorough search for text based user kit settings (TD8) and they are all too scattered, hopefully the above post will centralise them.