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What is Sound Driver

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  • What is Sound Driver

    Where does one get SOund Driver software. As I have already upgraded with TDW-1, I won't be getting it unless it is updated, but is there a web site for it where I could check out the functionality, etc?

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    Emagic Sound Diver is an app that enables you to modify parameters on literally hundreds of MIDI modules, from drum machines to samplers to guitar preamps (like the POD), and more.

    Purchased at your local guitar center for about a buck fifty ($150).

    [email protected]


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      Sound Diver can be bought at Sweetwater or other major web dealers.

      It is useless with the TDW-1 as of yet.
      But it was priceless with the TD-10 and most of my other midi modules.

      Graphic control of everything, from effects to drumsets, to all the tone controls for drum sounds.

      I'm on it with emagic, but I have no idea when it will be upgraded. I wrote to them that the TDW-1 is a "must" for TD-10 owners and emplored them to heed this and update the TD-10 driver/editor.

      They wrote back twice. One said that it won't work, the next said that it does work.

      Typical. It doesn't, so I'm sending them details on its situation on my system.

      Once you see what Sound Diver does, you'll steal the $150 from your grandmother to buy it. But that, so far, is only for the TD-10, TD-8 or TD-7Turbo.

      It's just fantastic.

      If you want, write [email protected] and tell them that you and all of your pro drum friends have gotten the TDW-1 and are completely psyched about seeing Sound Diver upgrade to it!

      There is a demo on the web at www.emagic.de

      It is fantastic.