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Lee... TDW1 transfer question

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  • Lee... TDW1 transfer question

    Lee... has anyone with the expansion card tried the program yet to see if it works...?
    And if not will you be able to write changes to make it work....?

    Hart Acupads & Cymbals
    (Gigapro Set)

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    VKitTrans no longer works with an upgraded TD-10.


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      Bummer..... I hope Lee can make a patch for it to work with the upgrade.... I have really come to rely on it. How bout it Lee?
      Hart Acupads & Cymbals
      (Gigapro Set)


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        It looks like one of the features of the TDW-1 is the ability to transfer individual kits thru Bulk Dump (Page 18 of the TDW-1 manual). I'm testing it right now and will report back... If it does what I think it does we may be able to finally offer Macintosh users the ability to share patches too! Of course unfortunately none of the old patches will work. I will report back later today with what I find.

        -Brian Leach, [email protected]


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          >And if not will you be able to write changes to make it work....?

          I will give it my best shot. I've been away longer than I anticipated, the TDW-1 has evidently been released - sort of...

          Soon as I get the upgrade I will start work reprogramming VKit to work with it.


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            I wouldn't say that VKitTrans doesn't work with the TDW-1. I used it to transfer some of my TD-10 kits(with custom patterns) to the upgraded TD-10 and it worked great! There was no way to transfer my own patterns(which I use regularly in my Top 40 band) with Roland's memory card, so I tried VKitTrans and it worked.

            Just thought you might be interested.


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              Yep, everything seems to work with the TDW-1 and VKitTrans except for System / Bulk Dump / To File. When I do this it hangs when pulling down the first kit from the TD-10. But, you can save all settings, all sets, indvidual sets, and load the same to the TD-10 with no probs.
              Tom Conner


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                I tried this last night. I got several checksum errors. But, when I tried using the kit, it worked. I think the errors were for the added values from the expansion. I noticed the hi-hat pedal volume was set to zero. Didn't notice anything else peculiar.


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                  Yep, right now it's abit dangerous, since it appears to save a bulk dump to disk, but then crashes when you try to reload it to the vdrum. I just lost all the edits I had done since the exp update, thinking I had successfully saved them. Fortunately I'd only done a few :-)