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Flanger Finally!

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  • Flanger Finally!

    I downloaded Ken's PHLAZE kit, beamed it over to the TD-10, and couldn't stop playing it! He's right, this DOES sound like a flanger. I have been trying to get the on-board flanger to flange with limited success, but this trick using the phaser works better, and produces the vintage 70's drum solo sound we all know and love. I'm adding cowbells to the right side for my stab at the circa 1977 Neil Peart solo! Peter Criss also used this sound on his "100,00 Years" solo, but there's only so many triplets a man needs to hear in 8 minutes.
    Thanks Ken!
    TD10 V-Pro with Pintech HH.

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    I also have enjoyed the flange on this kit. Haven't tried too extensively yet, but my first attempt to get a decent flange goin' on my toms proved harder than I thought. Thanks Ken! This'll help with my secret project.


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      I hate Peter Criss.


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        I hate Peter Criss

        Hey, stop fighting my alcohol mates