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Is someone can send my vkittranc? please

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  • Is someone can send my vkittranc? please

    i can't get it from vdrums.com

    to [email protected]
    Yamaha RZ500
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    TD-27 DIY and many more :- )

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    Well I tried to download it for you but the FTP server is down (this may be the reason why you can download it neither). Perhaps someone can solve this problem


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      I'm having the same problem (my original post was on the General Forum). I sent an email to the Vdrums webmaster yesterday, but no fix as of yet. Is there anywhere else to get Lee's VkitTrans?


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        Our FTP site is down because our ISP(www.digwiweb.com) stinks! Too many haxor dudes pirating their warez & porn! We will be moving the site to a faster hosting co. soon (www.iserver.com) The ball is rolling.

        -Brian Leach, [email protected]