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Midi, not my strongest subject! But still a question..?

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  • Midi, not my strongest subject! But still a question..?

    Hi there,
    Iím new in this Vdrum world and I want to start by saying that I really learn a lot from this site, thanks to everybody!!! It really helps me get everything out of my e-drums.
    But letís get to the point here; I want to connect my td10 to my computer. I have a midi-adapter with only one midi-cable. Is it necessary to have two cables? Does it work when you only connect the out to the in of the td10 just to load the patches? And switch the cable (in to the out of the td10) when wanting to save settings on my PC or to upload my patches. Or does the pc need to communicate with the td10 before it allows you to down- & upload the patches?

    Greetings from Holland,


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    Hi Stan,

    One pc, one MIDI cable (with two plugs and a rectangular plug) and a td-10 is enough.

    On most personal computers the MIDI-port is on the sound card. Sometimes the MIDI port is the same as used for joy sticks. The MIDI port is a black rectangular box with two rows of pins. For this reason you need a special MIDI-to host cable. Not a normal MIDI cable since normal MIDI cables have round 5-pin plugs on both ends. So the cable, which you need is a cable with one rectangular plug (which fits to the rectangular box on the pc soundcard) and two 5 pin MIDI plugs on the other side. Beware: in Holland this cable is quite expensive (about 70 guilders).

    Now, simply connect the rectangular box to the sound card of your pc. Connect the round 5 pin plug on the other side - which is labeled MIDI IN - to the MIDI OUT on the TD-10. Put the round 5 pin MIDI OUT plug of the cable in the MIDI IN on the TD-10.

    For loading and saving patches now use VKitTrans which can be downloaded from this side. This programm only works after you have connected the cable and the td-10. The first screen of VKitTrans also checks you connections. Now you can upload and download new kits.


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      Thanks, I bought another cable and everything works perfect!!!