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Macintosh & the VKitTrans again

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  • Macintosh & the VKitTrans again

    Please help!

    I am not very midi savy. I have TD-10 and would like to use the VKitTrans or something similar to save my patches and load in some of the patches on this site. I cannot even download the patches because they are ZIP or td1 files.

    What do I need (hardware,software etc)?

    What is the procedure?

    I am sure some of you must be Mac users.



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    I am not a Mac user but I suggest you to pick up a midi application for Mac (look at the Patches sections in this site) and then upload your midi dumps to Vdrums.com stating that they are Mac and what program didi you use.
    Soon other Mac users will follow, hopefully using the same program, so you Mac people can also share kits.


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      Me again,
      about hardware, go to www.motu.com and check for midi interfaces. I'm using their PC Midi Flyer with excellent results. They have plenty of software and products for Mac as cheap as USD59!
      You will need two midi cables to connect in and out from the TD-10 to the midi interface. The midi interface can be the type of serial, parallel or USB port. And finally as I said above you need a program to store midi dumps from your TD-10, again see Patches section in vdrums.com for more information about this.

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