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TD-12 Module/Kits Replicated for the TD-20

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  • TD-12 Module/Kits Replicated for the TD-20

    Courtesy of Ken at VDrumLib, you may load this td0 file to your TD-20 to replicate the entire TD-12 module, it's kits and attached patterns.

    We'd like to thank Drew, Mike, David and Steve at Roland for their approval to post this newly updated version for all TD-20 V-Drummers to enjoy!

    What's different in this updated file?

    Not only do you now get ALL the kits, but Ken has successfully implemented all the additional patterns found on the TD-12 as well! If you are tired of jamming to the same old thing, check out the new kits and patterns!

    Download and enjoy!

    Note: You will have to rename the file appropriately for use on a CF card, or send it via midi directly from VDL.

    UPDATE! June 27, 2009

    TD-12 kits and matching patterns for the TDW-20 have been added courtesy of Ken at VDrumLib!

    Note from Ken: I used the TDW-20 "Import" function that is available on the CARD menu. It imported all of the TD-12 kits and patterns. But, it put the kits in slots 51-100. So, I then used VDL to create a new backup with the TD-12 kits at 1-50, and the unexpanded TD-20 kits at 51-100. I also made sure to copy the patterns contained in the "setup info" since they go along with the kits. See steps 2 and 3 in the following link for instructions on copying individual portions of the setup info from different backups:
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