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Using a Macintosh Computer

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  • Using a Macintosh Computer

    I have the following equipment:

    V-Pro set
    MOTU MIDI Express XT (for Macintosh)
    MOTU Performer Software Version 6.0
    MTS Express Console 2.3 (Software)
    Macintosh 7100 computer upgraded to G3 Processor, 3 hard drives, CD-RW 82MB RAM

    What can I do to load software upgrades, patches and backung up the TD-10.

    I saw a mention to a SySex program for a Mac but it seems to be non-existant on the Web. The one time I found the software, the link was broken

    I have search all of the usual Mac Spots for downloads: MacDownload, Filez, Shareware.com and download.com.

    Any Help? What is a Mac user to do. Please don't say buy a "Pee Cee".

    Bill P. Wilmington, DE

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    >a SySex program for a Mac

    I am surprised that Performer doesn't do sysex. There are many free sysex utilities available for Macs. Try the link from the patches page for starters or try these two:

    OMS for Macs
    SysEx for OMS for Macs

    or this one:

    Kid Nepro

    or contact the webmaster here: [email protected] - Eric is the Mac expert.

    If you find one that uses plain sysex, I can send you plain jane sysex files of the kits on the patches page.

    >What is a Mac user to do.

    If all else fails, buy a Pee Cee!

    [This message has been edited by Lee (edited April 02, 2000).]


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      There are a number of freeware Mac utilities out there that enable you to perform SYSEX dumps to and from any MIDI device (including your TD-10 or TD-8). One is called "sysex_ppc". Email me at [email protected] if you would like me to email you the software.

      For what it's worth, I have both a 7100 and a 9500 (with a NewerTech G3 upgrade card) that I use specifically for my MIDI set-up (along with an Opcode Studio 5LX MIDI Interface). I plan on adding a dedicated sound input device (like the MOTU 2408 or Event Layla) to the 9500 for more robust HD recording. I am personally a fan of Opcode's StudioVision Pro but Cubase VST is also an alternative for MIDI composition and HD recording. In addition I have an old Dell p133 that I moved to the MIDI studio for misc MIDI duties like running VKitTrans, etc).

      Eric Sands
      webmaster - vdrums.com


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        I have been so busy regaining my drumming abilities that I have not made any computer/MIDI/TD-10 connections. That project is scheduled for this week. I noticed your comment that Performer should work. I have not loaded it yet - this week. But MacInTax takes priority now. We can't dissappoint the IRS.

        Email me the sysex-ppc program at [email protected]

        BTW, I also have a 7100 with the Newer G3 card. I have got a MOTU MIDI Express and the performer software. We shall see how this works.

        Oh and Lee I am forced to use a PeeCee at work and am proficient on both platforms. I even have Virtual PC on my Mac but rarely use it. I see enough of the "Blue Screen of Death" at work.

        Besides, anything that I can use that is not made from the evil empire in Redmond is a plus.

        Bill P.


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          I totally agree. Amen!