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    I just downloaded VKit Transfer and completed my first backup. Thank you!

    I also tried to download several patches. On some of them (i.e. Roto-8.td1, the Rototoms) I double clicked on the link and instead of downloading the file it brought up text and gibberish, most likely the programming. I could not download these. What's wrong with these? Am I doing something wrong? Or, were they uploaded incorrectly? I would really love to have a copy of these. Please let me know what you think.


    Matt Schubert

    (Weapon of Mass Percussion)

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    >Am I doing something wrong?

    I doubt it. Different browers and different versions of browers do things differently. My adversion to MS got me started using Netscape - and I can download successfully when clicking on the link by using the File-SaveAs option off the browser menu once I get to the gibberish screen. Zipped files do not have this problem.

    I'll get good copies to send to you if you can't download them, but right now the FTP site is apparently down, as I cannot get into it at all.