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Vkit Trans Problem

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  • Vkit Trans Problem

    I'm a new member but have been reading the site for some time. Great source to get and share data. This topic (using V-kit trans software through a gameport) isn't new but I need some help. Previous posts have used the joystick port on sound cards with a midi port cord with success. I have a Soundblaster PCI128 card and their cord. Their site indicates this should work with my card. When I load the software, I get an error message stating "received incorrect message length".

    Does anyone know if this is a set up problem? I don't want to shell out $$$ for an interface card when it may not be necessary. The wife is concerned with the constant purchases (pads, mem card, cord...) and I'd like to keep the peace if possible.

    I think I read that all the software features don't work with the sound card. If that's true I'll go ahead with the interface card anyway. Any help would be appreciated.

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    For me it's not clear if your soundcard has a MIDI-interface. Some people use this interface for joystick so this is the same one on many soundcards.

    When your card has a MIDI-connection (rectangle black box on the backside of the card with some pin-inputs) you need a MIDI to host cable. It has a plug that fits in the MIDI connector on the soundcard and two MIDI plugs labbeled: IN and OUT. Connect the out to the in of the Roland and the in to the out (logical isn't it?).

    Then look if Windows 95/98 has reckonized the MIDI-port on the soundcard. When not, go to [start], [settings], [system], [add new hardware]. Don't know how Windows calls this in English but you won't understand the Dutch words either. Anyhow: install the Gameport/Joystick/MIDI software part of Windows 95/98. Generally this can be found at the sound-system settings in Windows.
    Beware that the MIDI-setting use different IRQ port numbers so there will be no conflicts with other devices like printers, soundcards or scanners.

    Now go to the sound system-settings in Windows and choose "Roland MPU" MIDI port for recieving and sending MIDI. Also check the MIDI settings on the Roland Vdrums.

    If things still don't work there is a problem with your soundcard and perhaps you need a seperate MIDI interface.


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      Thanks for the response. Here's some detail.

      My Soundblaster card has a joystick port. I purchased the cord which connects to this port and has the round midi in/out connectors. I connected in-to-out and out-to-in as mentioned in some old posts. My Control Panel system settings indicate the gameport is enabled and MPU-401 output is set to external midi port. I tried the "add new hardware approach" - nothing was recognized as new. According to the set-up status, everything seems to be functioning without conflict. The TD-10 settings under Midi and Global show: Local Control=On, Device ID=17, Soft Thru=Off. The ID matches the Vkit trans settings.

      You write: "Now go to the sound system-settings in Windows and choose "Roland MPU" MIDI port for recieving and sending MIDI."

      I didn't see this anywhere. I wonder if this is different than MPU-401? For some reason, I am assuming MPU-401 is the standard the software utilizes.

      My card shows supporting the following: MIDI -Provides an MPU-401 compatible MIDI interface, including MIDI In and MIDI Out/Thru (requires external cable, not supplied). Allows the recording of MIDI events from an external MIDI keyboard controller.

      The easy thing to do is to purchase a separate midi interface card. I just want to avoid doing this and getting the same error message due to an incorrect set-up. ...thanks


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        get the latest drivers for your sound card. there should be no need to get a seperate midi interface. your card is already communicating with the vdrums, or you wouldnt be getting the incorrect length message. have you tried sending something to the vdrums? you are just missing some little tweak somewhere.


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          I want to thank the guys for covering for me during my absence.

          If you can't find the tweak to get it workin', you can email me privately and we can work on it.

          I've got some little diagnostic programs that might help if the problem is in VKitTrans.

          Could just be a bad MIDI cable sending spurious signals thru the line. I've had one other user experience the same problem using a MusicQuest MIDI interface, so don't give up on the sound card yet!


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            [QUOTE] posted by Lee:
            "so don't give up on the sound card yet!"

            Probably won't have much time to play with it until the end of the week. I'm running out of things to tweak on the software. Options: I have a SB Live card in my work PC. I could test it after hours. I could also see if the I.S. guys at work have a way to test the cord.

            If that doesn't work, I'll take you up on your offer and drop you a line. Thanks to all for the help.


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              Options: I have a SB Live card in my work PC.
              I couldn't wait so I took 5 minutes this a.m. to test the program on the SB Live card. Everything works just fine so the problem is with my home PC card or set up.


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                Try Eric's suggestion regarding updating the sound card drivers !!!


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                  I got a chance to play with the software last night but no luck. I took the drivers off the SB website and saw no difference. I uninstalled all the software and reinstalled with the drivers which came with the card (it was a recent purchase and the file dates were actually later than those on the web site). Still no luck - same error message.

                  Soooo, Plan B is to get my old 486-66 running, which is collecting dust in the basement, and use it as a dedicated PC. I have another SoundBlaster card and an Ensonique to try. There will be nothing else installed so conflicts will be at a minimum and hopefully I can move forward. I need to swap out a hard drive and locate a new HD controller card first. I'll be running Win98 w/20 megs of ram. That should be enough for the intended purpose, I hope.

                  [This message has been edited by SPACEMAN (edited March 30, 2000).]


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                    Have you tried sending an email to the SB people. I have had problems with software and such and the companies have always had a fix, usually a download hidden somewhere on thier site. They have always been more than happy to help. Send an email including you're error message.


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                      I'm gonna have to do that. I have trouble giving up on stuff like this. At least not without an adequate explanation. It sounds like I'm not alone in believing this should work. When output is set to midi synth, midi files play fine. All other sound files work great. I'll take a break on it for a few days, it will nag me and I'll attack it again.

                      I'll still pursue the 486 option since it will be real convenient to set it up near the kit.

                      Since the SB live card worked, I have the option of taking the TD-10 to work and checking out the patches. I've already learned a lot by checking out the settings on what I downloaded so far.

                      Thanks to all for the interest.


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                        Got the 486 up an running on Win 95. Things run a bit slow but the SoundBlaster 16 card does the job. PC is set up by the TD-10 so I don't have to disconnect to up/download. It just doesn't get any better than this! I think I'll leave well enough alone with the other PC (for a few days anyway).


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                          >It just doesn't get any better than this!

                          Well, I deeply regret you had problems with VKitTrans in the first place, and I'd love to find the source of the problems be it in my code, SB's code or configuration, or winDoze...

                          Glad you found a work-around that meets your needs!