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Building a Custom Backup for the TD-20

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  • Building a Custom Backup for the TD-20

    UPDATE: NEW! Do all this SUPER FAST on the TD-8, 10, 12 & 20 with: VDrumLib Software (links at V Expressions LTD)

    Taken from V Expressions "Tip of the Month"...

    Building your own custom expansion from multiple expansions or backups.

    Note: You may keep up to 8 backups on a 16-512mb CF card. It is recommended that you have one blank slot before attempting this procedure.

    Here are the instructions from both the VEX and Roland manuals:

    Step 1: Insert the CompactFlash card and Press [COPY].
    Step 2: Press [F1 (KIT)] to select drum kit.
    Step 3: Use [CURSOR], [+/-], or [VALUE] to select the copy-source and the copy-destination.

    Note: Here, while making sure "user" is highlighted, you will scroll to the right until the selected area reads “card”. Next, cursor to the right and up with the arrow buttons. Now, scroll to find the expansion or backup where you want to copy from. Cursor down to select your source kit and then choose the destination kit.

    Step 4: Press [F5 (COPY)]. The previous content of the destination is overwritten by the new content of the source kit. The confirmation screen will appear.
    Step 5: Press [F5 (EXECUTE)] to carry out the procedure. (to cancel, press [F1 (EXIT)].

    Conclusion: The recommendation is to start with the expansion loaded that you’ll use the most kits from. Copy in the kits you want from the other expansions on your card(s) to the kits you would like to overwrite. When you are done, save this new expansion into a blank backup so you’ll always have it.
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