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CompactFlash (CF) Card Explanation Resource

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  • CompactFlash (CF) Card Explanation Resource

    CompactFlash (CF) Card Explanation Resource

    Here's a great page I found that explains the differences between the Type 1 and 2 CF cards. The TD-20 only accepts the Type 1 which is 3.3mm thick. Type 2 CF's are too thick (5mm) and will not fit into the slot. (not to mention extremely hard to find now days)

    I suggest checking the following reference guide if you have questions when needing advice on purchasing your CF card:

    Remember, the TD-20 will only read cards from 16-512mb. (at this time)

    One of the best readers (IMO) on the market is also shown at the bottom of the link above. (

    Edit: I wanted to add that while a larger CF card will probably be more efficient in the future should a sampler be integrated, the module reads 16mb card MUCH faster than searching larger cards. So, if you can grab an old small card, it's worth having!
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