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Downloadable Kits for Roland TD-17 help

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  • Downloadable Kits for Roland TD-17 help

    I'm not good with importing sound files & applying to pads so I'd like to know if there's anywhere I can either DL or buy full kits like the ones that come programmed in my TD-17 Module? Every link I've found with free kits is just loops or sound wav files that I can't figure out how to use them. Any help / direction appreciated.
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    Lots of people do TD17 packs. VExpressions for example.
    I have done one.

    There are simple guides on Youtube:
    Roland TD-17 tutorial for loading custom kits to your module - how to load from your computer to SD card to V-drums module. Purchase new kit downloads - http...


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      Whitten - Thank You. That's what I'm looking for. I noticed after you answered my post that someone else posted simular question a few posts down. Sorry, I didn't see it.
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        Drum sound project (from Australia) have kits who use real samples of Gretsch broadkaster kit, Ludwig maple kit, Rogers snare and many more! Avalaible for TD-17, TD-27, TD-50 & TD-50X!!


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          there's a few free kits for the TD17 somewhere in the threads here, good enough to try out and get familiar with, same as the roland cloud, there's about 10 or so to download.
          I know it can look confusing, tedious and complicated editing your own...
          I was exactly like that...
          What I have found is that the td17 is very limited to what can be edited, so once you look at what the paid versions have actually edited, it's a no brainer to just insert your own good sample one has downloaded and voila...
          I don't think I've touched the paid versions since, other than showing friends what the td17 can do by loading a backup or two etc...
          what style music you into?
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