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Looking for a Dr. Feelgood kit for TD-50

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  • Looking for a Dr. Feelgood kit for TD-50

    Just recently got the module and picked up the Generations pack the next day. The drum sound on Dr. Feelgood are some of my all time favorite.
    Thought i would check and see if anyone has one they would be willing to share before I tried on my own for a who knows how long. Or maybe if Allen is up for making another video he could make this one.
    Thanks in advance.

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    That sound is far too processed and sampled to achieve anything close in the module. I can only suggest using components from our kits to build the closest thing you can (start with a kit that has hard processing), and push the master compressor even harder. You can use samples (if you can find anything worthy), but they’ll act as one-shot with limited dynamical response.
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